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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Leafs Lack Of Defence

I watch with amazement how the Toronto Maple Leafs defensmen always pinch, and try and make the offensive play. They do not have more then 3 goals from any defensmen, yet they pinch and never support when needed. Exhibit A was Tomas Kaberle hanging out Luke Schenn to dry against the Caps tonight. I was taught in novice minor to always backup your fellow D partner when he has the puck and always assume he may lose it. Tonight Luke is in an obvious trouble spot with the puck and Kaberle is going into the zone instead of backing him up. The result is a heartbreaking goal which cost the Leafs the game. I personally can't wait for the end of The Tomas Kaberle era with the Leafs which has a record 6 probably now 7 years of no playoffs. Maybe his dad can blame Ron Wilson for that too.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Enough Ron Wilson!!!

Luckily I was able to attend the Toronto, Tampa Bay game tonight thanks to my friend Rick Buckley who got very good tickets for me. That said I've officially had enough of Ron Wilson. This egomaniac deserves to be fired.

Let me explain

I have not jumped on him during the calls for his head recently. I assumed he was a good coach, that is until I witnessed tonight his ego get the best of him. Lets forget the fact he matched up the Leafs slowest defencemen Mike Komisarek against Steven Stamkos line all night which cost the Leafs 2 goals tonight. The 2nd by St. Louis in front of Gustavsson while Komisarek is at the hash marks leaving one of the top scorers alone was atrocious. Lets forget that.

The ego was shown with 12.8 seconds left, when Wilson called a timeout. I saw Stamkos bent over tired, since he had been on for 2 minutes, and St. Louis didn't look very energetic either, and yet Wilson calls a timeout!!! Why I ask Why? The Lightning had no timeouts as they already used one earlier to rest Stamkos's line. So he could change Tim Brent for Tyler Bozak. he called a timeout and still changed a line. All he did was use a timeout for the sake of doing it, and maybe some air time on TV. In the meantime he gave Stamkos and St.Louis a 40 second rest. Of course Stamkos with the new found energy hops on the face-off back to the point and Bobs your uncle!!

What bothers me even more is no one is saying the timeout was a bad decision. And of course Ron Wilson does like any good leader does and deflects to his players.... What a leader..

He blames his veterans, and Luke Schenn, and the guy serving the cokes, but heaven forbid his insane call of a timeout was any reason why they lost. If you were sitting beside me as I witnessed Stamkos sucking for air, I was screaming "No timeout". I saw in the greens what some high priced ahole behind the bench couldn't, and apparently what the press couldn't either. Ron Wilson is officially an asshole!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Take On The Leafs So Far

Well the Leafs so far can be summed up like this

" What the *&*^ is going on"

Look I wasn't expecting miracles. Even after a 4-0 start I suspected this team was a 500 team at best which would compete and hopefully improve over last year with some glimmers of hope. From what I've seen so far they are actually regressing in every position except goaltending.

Goaltending (B+)
I have been really impressed with Jonas Gustavsson. I think he has improved over last year with his patience and handling the puck. I think he is the real deal and the #1 goalie they have. I think the Leafs have no worry in net with his emergence and that of what looks like another promising young goalie in Jussi Rynnas. As for Giguere he has played well however he was the reason they lost the game to the Canucks and uttered. "I won't be losing any sleep over that goal". I think he should have!!!!

Defensmen (D-)

Complete and utter disappointment. Other then Luke Schenn it has been abysmal. It has been good to see Schenn get back confidence and play well, looks like the sophomore jinx that plagued him last year is gone. I have never seen Tomas Kaberle play this bad. He has been absolutely awful. Who knew no one was afraid of Dion Phaneuf. I thought he was this scary character that created fear in opponents. When I saw Tomas Plekanec pushing him around I assume the league has realized he isn't tough. I think he can be an important piece going forward but he is not tough! Francois Beauchamin has a knack of going for the 60 ft pass which results in a turnover or an icing. Mike Komisarek can't complete a 10 foot pass unless it is to the other team. I think his coaches through his hockey career have forgotten to tell him it is not a good idea to blindly throw a puck in front of his net! What is worse is when he setup a perfect one-timer for Mike Camalleri he called it lack of execution. I would suggest lack of brains. I am hoping Carl Gunarsson is in the same sophomore jinx that enveloped Schenn. Brett Lebda is putting a pretty convincing case forward for worst Maple Leaf of all time. I have no idea what position he plays and he has played 11 games with 0 points and is -10. What the fuck are you doing jumping into rushes when you have no offensive ability at all!!!!! Putting him in against Ottawa instead of Aulie is crazy logic to me!

Forwards (LOL)
As a collection of forwards they are by far the worst in the league I will go through them one by one.

Kessel - I don't get why Wilson rides him when he doesn't backcheck; the whole F'n team does not backcheck so why single Phil out. The only one on the Leafs with offensive talent. He has no one to play with. I like him. Obviously too much was given up for him but that's not his fault that's Brian Burke's fault.

Kulemin - The only forward on the Leafs who uses his body and strength and can forecheck. Seriously he is the only Leaf who can forecheck with any kind of success. I think he is a good solid forward and would benefit with any kind of centre with talent.

Orr - He does his job and crap he has more goals then 7 of the forwards on the Leafs. I think he has played well.

Grabovski - I see a joke. I know everyone including Wilson and Burke tell you how hard he tries. I see turnovers and lack of effort. It is amazing how when he lets Fisher go and doesn't backcheck he does not get benched, however when Kessel does the same thing benched. The difference Kessel has talent Grabovski is useless. Please explain the love affair Wilson has with him.

MacArthur - Mr. "October". Reminds me of Brian Savage. I see why Atlanta didn't sign him. He bails on every forecheck. King of the drop pass to the other team.

Kadri - I know he's young so I will cut him slack but unlike Cherry I see a coward on the ice. He might have talent, but he is plays scared. Unless he grows a set will be a bust!!!

Versteeg - I want Stahlberg back. They have the same amount of goals, while Stahlberg make less. Another coward on the ice, who takes bad penalties and is not held accountable by the coach. I am amazed every time he gets the puck on his stick he stops skating and just glides. Wacth him.

Bozak - I am hoping this is the same sophomore jinx Schenn had. Build him up as a #1 centre maybe pressure has gotten to him. He shows rays of talent and looks responsible defensively. What I don't like is every time he touches the puck he tries to get the puck to Kessel. He should be more greedy.

Brent - Please explain to me why this guy is in the NHL. He is supposed to be this smart defensive forward. Just in case anyone was looking he is -1 and on the 29th worst Penalty Killing Unit. Please explain this defensive genius to me. Every time he steps on the ice I know the Leafs won't score.

Sjostrom - Man can this guy skate. Man is this guy useless!!!!!!!!

Brown - see Sjostrom. Just better facial hair.

Zigomanis - While I am not as high on him as Don Cherry, he was a better Penalty Killer then Brent.

Armstrong - 8 games 1 goal no assists -2, and a coward. Please explain the 3 million a year to me! What I saw was lack of skating ability and a poor man's Matthew Barnaby. Maybe he might turn into a solid 4Th liner who can kill penalties.

Mitchell - 13 games 1 assist -2. Career 148 games 53 pts -25. Need I say anymore. He might get a point a game in a men's league team in the GTA!

Caputi - Other then the fact he can't skate, forecheck, shoot, fight, pass, I can see why the Leafs liked him so much. He is from Toronto right!!!!.

Brian Burke and Ron Wilson should instead of getting mad at all the media in Toronto should take a good look at how they have managed this team. I like them as people however there record is what they should be judged on.

Sunday, May 02, 2010


I think this sums up exactly why music is so awful. I sadly turned over to the Juno awards during the intermission of hockey and did my ears a disservice by having to listen to this....

I don't get it.

1.) The jumping...
2.) Why someone is apparently playing a guitar when there is no guitar in the song.
3.) Is this actually good?
4.) I would rather listen to Check the OR over and over again then put up with another 3 seconds of this garbage.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can Scotty Bowman answer a Direct Question

On the way to work in the morning I always listen to the Hockey Insider on the Fan 590. On every day except for Tuesday it is mildly entertaining. However Tuesday is Scotty Bowman day. I guess he was a good coach in the NHL even though coaching Mario Lemieux in his prime, Yzerman, and Fedorov in there prime and the 1970's Canadiens is probably not the toughest feat around, you can't argue with his Stanley Cup rings.

What I can argue his is inability to answer a straight question.

Question posed was How do you think the Leafs after a poor road trip can ramp up to play the Kings tonight, What do they need to do to win? Not a tough question; usually an answer would be better defensive play, good forecheck, etc... No not Scotty's answer.

Scotty's answer ended with how he thought the Tampa Bay Lightning were a resilient team who seem to get behind a lot and come back. Not even remotely related to the question posed.

My advice for Scotty is the same advice I have for Bob Cole..... Stop talking!!!! You're too old!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ian White and Best Tiger Joke So Far

Firstly Ian White. Do I hate Ian White....No, Do I think Ian White can play in the NHL....barely but yes, so why am I going to rant about Ian White. Well really its of no fault of his own that I will write this rant. I am sick and tired of hearing Greg Millen, Craig Simpson, Gord Stellick, and Ian's mom (just joking) going on about how much of a surprise Ian White is and that he has made himself into a top 4 NHL Dman.

Ian White is a 4th DMan as I am to chiseled body. He is a Dman with a nice shot, no physical ability to win pucks in his own end, a penchant for making the worst pinches the league has ever seen since Chris Kotsopolous, and no ability to adapt to the game in front of him.

If you want an example watch the Pittsburgh game last Saturday. He is on against the Sidney Crosby line, and completes 2 pinches where he neither gets the puck or the body to create odd man rushes. After this shift you would think maybe crap I should hang back, but no Ian can't grasp the concept and goes on to pinch at will creating chances not in the offensive end but his end. He then proceeds to trip on his own goalie to create a goal.

Again I don't hate Ian White, I hate the idiot announcers who have crowned him this star of the team, when he is the very reason they are where they are in the standings. Ian White is lucky he is in the NHL as far as I am concerned.

As for the Tiger Joke

If we were playing gentleman's golf wouldn't we just give Tiger and 8 and move on to the next hole?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Leafs Did Play with Truckulence

Well tonight the Leafs played with truckulence, too bad against Luongo. Well that and the referees must have forgot that when you put your hand on the puck in the crease that it is a penalty shot. Also hooking penalties can be called in the final 2 minutes just in case they were wondering. 6 penalties in a row, but when the Canucks are in there zone for the entire third period amazingly they received no penalties. Must be all the foot speed they showed. None of them hooked a soul, or took there hand of the stick once. Amazing!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Are The Leafs Really That Truckulant?

So 5 games down and 0 wins.

But the Leafs were going to be tough right. I believe the word was truckulent. I am struggling with the definition. Maybe Brian Burke could elaborate....

Maybe truckulent means fighting the other teams toughest players. If so Colton Orr and Jay Rosehill fit the definition, but that's it.

If truckulent means fighting for the puck in all areas of the ice, sacrificing yourself to block shots...etc..etc, which I believe is the definition; Who on the Leafs fits this definition? John Mitchell, Niklas Hagman, Mike Komisarek, Luke Schenn, and maybe Jeff Finger could be put in this category.

Maybe truckulence means being a wimp in the corners never winning a battle or competing and pulling at your mouthguard after every whistle, Ala Matt Stajan, Richard Walin, and Nikolai Kulemin.

Maybe truckulence means taking horrible penalties 200 ft from your goal, Ala Matt Stajan, Jason Blake, and Lee Stempniak.

Could be truckulant means not being able to stop a wrist shot from the blue line let alone the top of the circle, there we would have Vesa Toskala.

Maybe truckulant means turning the puck over at the drop of a hat, Ala Beauchmin, Ian White, and company.

Or could be the very definition that Brian Burke wants his team to be is not the one he made or has.

Maybe I can create a couple of words to describe the 2009 Toronto Maple Leafs

1. Anti-Truckulant
2. Untruckulant
3. F'n Awful
4. Anti-Testostrical, which would describe any of Matt Stajan's attempt at a battle for the puck.

Time to get a "POP"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sports Radio

On the way home today one announcer said the following

"There are 13 NFL games on Sunday with of course the biggest game of the weekend Minnesota vs Cleveland" I nearly fell over, what a moron. Why is this the biggest? Because Brett Favre will throw 3 INT's. I might go on a limb here but I bet the Was/NYG, GB/Chi games might be a little better to watch.

Listened to Bob McCowan for 5 minutes I will never get back. He spent that time talking about chartering air flights. Exciting was the only word I could use. It is unbelievable that in a city like Toronto the best sports talk is a guy talking about chartering aircraft.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mats Sundin - Not A Winner

This season for the Leafs has been to say the least depressing. Firstly to watch the march of the Leafs to finish 9th, the definition of the "Asshole Cup", you know where you don't qualify for the playoffs or the draft lottery is disgusting. The Leafs have wrapped up the Asshole Cup for the previous 2 years with late season surges for absolutely no reason. I have wondered in the past why these results are OK, and I believe you need to look no further then the "Country Club" atmosphere on the team led by this so called leader "Mats Sundin". Why do so called disgraces like McCabe, Kubina, and Tucker want to stay in Toronto? Why do Toronto fans, who for the most part think they understand hockey, not boo McCabe and Kubina every time they touch the puck? Why is the ACC sold out every night even though the team is one of the softest collection of losers ever assembled? Easy answer, It's a country club!!!

Think your Darcy Tucker, who at best is a good grinder, and does work hard. This year you hit the wall harder then Bridgette Nielsen has, and refuse a trade from a losing team to a winning team. Why do you do this? Because you love the Leafs? Bullshit. The reason you do this is your not held accountable for your horrible play. Who is holding you accountable , your captain? Laughable. I know I am Mats Sundin, I haven't won a Stanley Cup and I tell management No I don't want to win a Cup I would rather be done in April and retire to my cottage in Sweden, What kinda of attitude is that for a leader? It's a loser attitude. Now you expect the other players to be upset about not making the playoffs with a guy who thinks a gold medal is better then a Stanley Cup? With that kind of leadership maybe Mats should run for the Liberals.

In Toronto right now the Inmates are running the asylum. They let a coach like Paul Maurice who knows he needs to win every game to keep his job, and you leave him in and wonder why Tosakala starts 23 straight games. Because he gives you the best chance to win. There are 3 things certain in life, Death, Taxes, and Raycroft starting=Loss. Raycroft should start every game from now on in, as they have no chance at making the playoffs, but no we get 23 straight Tosakla starts, because hell if we don't win the Asshole Cup for the 3rd straight year. Until someone comes in who is a Leader the Leafs are destined for this bullshit mediocrity.

For a fan like me It's just sad!!! I wish Fletcher had a bigger set, and tell Maurice your fired anyways put Raycroft in.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Toronto Maple Leafs Situation

In a word the Leafs organization is broke. Hear is what I think the organization should due from easiest to toughest.

1. If Andrew Raycroft is not put on waivers the minute he lands at Pearson Airport it is safe to say this organization is the worst in the history of the NHL. Raycroft hasn't stopped a puck in 2 years. He can't move in the net and has shown that he is not an NHL calibre goalie. He needs to be bought out. Everyone says he is a nice guy, Who f'n Cares. He can't stop a puck.

2. I think the blueprint for How to rebuild is just down the halls of the ACC at the Raptors office. The next step would be to fire JFJ and put someone with a lot of credibility and experience in an Interm role. My suggestion would be Cliff Fletcher. The Raptors fired Rob Babcock and put Wayne Embry into an interm role with a mandate to move as many long term contracts as possible to free up space for the new GM. I think Cliff Fletcher could do this. Move Sundin, and get picks. Get rid of as many long term contracts (like McCabe, Kubina, Tucker etc.) as possible. With so many teams in contention you might be able to unload some of these contracts to teams desperate enough. The new GM who steps in should be able to start at ground zero if possible and not be hobbled by contracts. MLSE must also understand rebuilding isn't a year long process it may take more.

3. Any young players who are in there organization who have not improved or are not NHL players, like Matt Stajan and Alex Steen should also be moved. Look when Matt Stajan is a useful player, which will be soon in the rec league he will be playing in. Alex Steen has talent just no desire. If young guys don't look like they will fill the bill move them when they are young instead of waiting and hoping they will grow a set of balls.

4. Hire new GM right at end of season. I don't care who the new GM is, he must be in place before the off-season begins, maybe possibly bring him in before the end of season. MLSE if they truly care about winning won't be counting pennies, bring in a new GM who then makes a decision with what to do with coach, which brings me too.

5. Fire Richard "Tricky Dick" Peddie. Look there are a number of reasons to fire this man. He simply has no brain in his head, and Let me explain. Any person in a leadership role like Peddie is in knows in management 101 if you are asked to comment on an employees performance the answer is either positive or "No comment", not "I made a mistake". Talking to the media; shows what an ingrate he is. Does he think he is a "Rock Star"? He has no class no sensibility and more then likely has an ego which does not match his performance. He goes on about how he makes money for MLSE. Wow Richard tough to do. Put a Leaf symbol on anything and anyone can sell it. Don't be proud of that?
I will leave these statements of Richard Peddie to show what a hypocrite he is.

First He states any GM he has had has the autonomy to make any and all Hockey decisons. Last week when asked about Mats Sundin being traded Peddie states That will have to be brought up to the Board? What kind of doublespeak is this, and when will MLSE do the right thing and fire this joke who's claim to fame is he designed the Frito-Lay Chip bag?

This is my five cents and in my opinion unless all 5 things are done above, I do not see How the Leafs will get any better. Maybe not showing up to the Leafs games will help too.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Steve Simmon's Has A Man Crush

I think I have finally found out the reason that Steve Simmons keeps writing articles about John Ferguson Jr. and how he should be fired. I wondered where Steve Simmons has the hockey intelligence to offer up this truly enriching intelligent advice from, but then I got it. I think it is because Steve has a man crush on Ferguson. I mean in the last 200 articles Steve has written, he has mentioned John Ferguson Jr in every one. Even in the summer Simmons gets in a jab at Ferguson. I think Steve is a little jettery in the knees when it comes to Ferguson. I mean Steve Simmons does bare a certain resemblance to a "Comme-ci, comme-ca" movie critic on the E network. I think I have finally cracked Simmons code.

By the way Has Steve Simmon's ever written an interesting article? Has his appearances on TSN reporters ever been good? I will never understand how anyone can view this twitching meth addict as entertaining. Oh well maybe someday Steve JFJ will give you a call and see How you are doing. Until then lay off the smack and maybe write an entertaining article that doesn't have JFJ in it.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bryan "Scarecrow" McCabe at work again

I for one respect Paul Maurice as a coach. I have found since he took over from the Phat One, the Leafs have improved there team speed and overall conditioning. Rarely in the last 2 years have I seen the Leafs outworked in a game. However that being said I am really relying on Paul Maurice doing the right thing for the team and benching the NO BRAIN A-Hole they have on defence who's name is the "Scarecrow" If I only had a brain! Bryan McCabe. Is he mentally retarded or is it just me?

Anyone who has had a conversation with me in the last 5 years will know How much I hate Bryan McCabe. If there was a definition of brain-dead in the dictionary Bryan McCabe's retarded face would be the picture. Never in the history of the NHL has there been a D-man with a little talent as McCabe does have, and the absence of a thought. He is plain and simple a friggin joke.

The test will be on Maurice once Carlo C returns to the team will Paul do then right thing and bench McCabe as he is a worthless piece of shit. This will test the mettle of a coach I respect. I hope he does the right thing and send McCabe up to fetch popcorn for the real hockey players on the Leafs. Bryan was on for 5 goals of which 3 were caused by his direct brain farts. Please for the Love of everything that is holy in this utterly F'ed up world I hope Bryan Mccabe gets a condition which does not allow him to skate again so I do not have to witness his boneheaded plays anymore.

By the way Kris Newbury, and Wade Belak when you only play 5 minutes and are -2 please think the Marlies are a stones throw away


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Take On Michael Vick

I know I haven't posted in a while, however this Michael Vick case has intrigued me enough for me to provide a rant.

First off Michael Vick is not a smart person. Firstly he takes part in a gambling scheme. We all know how the NFL pretends like gambling is a bad thing (while meanwhile who isn't in an office pool), so thats a bad start. Second he participates in the killing of dogs. The only thing the NFL allows you to kill or hurt is a human being (see Ray Lewis, Pacman Jones and then the many folks who play NFL who have beaten there wives and still play) Strike 2. The strike which I don't understand is; he allows this dogfighting on his own premises. This is not defensible to be that stupid. So for Strike Three I absolutely agree he should face jail time. However how hypocritical is it that people have talked about the NFL banning him for life.

What Michael Vick needed was what Barry Bonds has for friends. Hell Barry just broke a homerun record while his former trainer sits in jail for contempt of court for not ratting him out. The minute the cops showed up at Vick's residence his friends rolled over quicker then a dog getting its belly rubbed. Vick should be banned from the NFL for the same amount of time that Pacman Jones who's bodyguard happened to gun down a bouncer at a strip club, or maybe the same amount as Jamal Lewis who was involved in a cross state drug ring. Correct me if I am wrong but how many games did Lewis and Jones get ....what 8. How about Leonard Little who killed a mother while drinking and driving, and after this gets arrested for DUI again. They get to play in the NFL again. Now Vick will be banned from life for killing dogs? Why cause PETA is mad. What life is more valuable a dogs, or a humans? I guess the NFL believes a dog's. Good for them, I guess I disagree. By the way is OJ in the Football Hall of Fame? He only killed 2 humans, not worth banning him or kicking him out is it?

I am in no way condoning Vick's actions. He deserves the punishment he gets from the legal system. However the NFL treatment of Vick has been absurd. The next time Ray Lewis does his phony dance remember he was involved in 2 people's deaths. Or maybe the next time OJ says he is going to find the killer he is in the Hall Of Fame. Maybe one more DUI for Leonard Little and he might get suspended.

On another point where the hell is the Players Union in this?