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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can Scotty Bowman answer a Direct Question

On the way to work in the morning I always listen to the Hockey Insider on the Fan 590. On every day except for Tuesday it is mildly entertaining. However Tuesday is Scotty Bowman day. I guess he was a good coach in the NHL even though coaching Mario Lemieux in his prime, Yzerman, and Fedorov in there prime and the 1970's Canadiens is probably not the toughest feat around, you can't argue with his Stanley Cup rings.

What I can argue his is inability to answer a straight question.

Question posed was How do you think the Leafs after a poor road trip can ramp up to play the Kings tonight, What do they need to do to win? Not a tough question; usually an answer would be better defensive play, good forecheck, etc... No not Scotty's answer.

Scotty's answer ended with how he thought the Tampa Bay Lightning were a resilient team who seem to get behind a lot and come back. Not even remotely related to the question posed.

My advice for Scotty is the same advice I have for Bob Cole..... Stop talking!!!! You're too old!!


Anonymous Pissed off said...

Mr Bill Sandison,
How fucking rude! Say something good for once in your life. Who do you think you are Benjimin Button? Think you will never get old! At least Scotty has achieved more in his lifetime than you ever will. Take a closer look at your own life stupid sucker, dumb fucker.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous slugger said...

Leafs are a pack of dumb fuckers, and so are the fans. Scotty had the right to dodge the question.

5:21 PM  

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