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Friday, March 23, 2007

Leafs Playoff Run Fades Away

The 5-4 loss tonight to the Buffalo Sabres is a tough one to swallow. First off it pointed to the biggest factor in why the Leafs will not make the playoffs. Andrew Raycroft. Name one game the Leafs played in which they had the better goalie. Name one big save Raycroft has made to perserve a win. Problem is you can't. Again tonight the Leafs are the better team, just like in Montreal last Saturday, just like they have been in 70% of the games this year. I had one friend who told me the Leafs cheaped out in net with pay, but Halak for Montreal isn't making much and outplayed Raycroft, and by that reasoning Khabibulin should be leading the NHL.

Tonight Raycroft lets in an AHL goal for the 2nd goal, and then the flood gates open. I just pray Justin Pogge isn't a bust. Just a heartbreaker tonight, and if I am the coach or players, How do you trust a goalie who hasn't made a big save all year?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

67 Leafs Honoured

In cleaning out my the digital camera, which is needed more an more everyday as Joyce and I capture as many images as possible of our Ainsley growing up, I just wanted to post a pic from the Edmonton-Toronto game we attended on Feb 17th. Seeing Dave Keon and the rest of the team honoured in a pre-game ceremony, I wondered if in my lifetime I will witness the Leafs win a Cup. Dave Keon was much smaller then I predicted and in typical Toronto fashion, the crowd reception was less then enthusiastic. Maybe if ticket prices were more reasonable, like in Buffalo, and Ottawa where Leaf fans can be heard, the ovation would have been better. Oh well it was still nice to be able to attend this game. This Friday I am seeing the Raptors, would not be surprised if crown noise is louder for them.


Friday, March 02, 2007

NHL Officiating

Just one question.... When will the NHL referee's be held accountable for their pathetic performance so far this year. I have not watched a game this year where I thought Heh that was a well refed game. After just witnessing Cam Janssen throw one of the cheapest shots I have seen on Tomas Kaberle which will probably end his season, the referee who was 5 feet away did not call a penalty. WHY????? and will he be held accountable. Let's not forget the disallowed goal on Sundin against Islanders and the high stick in front of the ref against Montreal. When will the refs be held accountable?

The worst game was a game between the Sabres and Leafs where the Sabres had 5 phantom call against them and the Leafs had 4. Why is this being ignored? It is simple awful and the NHL should be embarrased by it's officiating this year. New rules I like. Interpertation of the rules by referee's who don't have the skills I dislike.