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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Leafs Improve Goaltending, Steve Simmons has a complex?

First of all having watched the majority of the Leafs game last year, any person who knows anything about hockey could tell you the #1 reason the Leafs did not make the playoffs was because of Andrew Raycroft. That's the simple truth. John Ferguson in my eyes made a nice move to address that need by acquiring Vesa Toskala from the San Jose Sharks, a goalie with a save percentage that is respectable in the NHL. Firstly Toskala is not the next coming of Johnny Bower, but the last time a team made a move for a Finnish backup off the Sharks his name was Kiprusoff. What did the Leafs give up, Lars Eller... well we will wait to see how he turns out.

Well Steve Simmons, who must have a deep seeded hatred of JFJ, comes out and says John Ferguson lacks credibility. Steve has not written an article in 3 years which does not take a joust at JFJ. Why is that Steve?, because you could do a better job?, maybe I would focus on the fact you come off a little comme-ci, comme-ca to me. You act like an arrogant know-it-all and what is your credibility? Weren't you the one who indicted Wayne Gretzky in the Rick Tocchet scandal? Your articles over the years have been increasingly bad, and tough to read. I would suggest instead of focusing all your thoughts on what JFJ eats, maybe spend a little more time trying to shake that Tourette's syndrome you show every Sunday on TSN's reporters. You shake and sweat more then John Daly on a golf course in Vancouver.


Monday, June 04, 2007

Chris Neil - Hockey Player?

I have just watched 5 minutes of the 4th game and have to wonder what kind of person cheers for the piece of garbage known as Chris Neil. Laying on the ice like he was speared, diving, It's just a disgrace. I guess fans of the Senators enjoy these displays, Real hockey fans don't. The fact that the ref's buy his bush league crap is even more embarrassing.