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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Middle East BS

Hola, Lately as one of the only English channels I get in Mexico is CNN, I have been watching the escalating tensions in the Middle East. Now I have no idea what living in the Middle East is like, and frankly I don't want too. I can't imagine sitting on a bus with the realization that there may be some brainwashed youth ready to blow himself and the whole bus up. Or living in a country where the government can do nothing but watch idely as a terroist group takes over and holds a country hostage to there BS ideological views, of soemthing like what 70 virgins when you die? Growing up in Canada I have been lucky to live under a true democracy, which has protected me (thanks to soldiers in WW1 and WW2) from ever having to live in constant fear. I think every Canadian citizen should be thankful they live in Canada (even under Liberal rule, as scarier as that is to say).

However I read some columns and listen to bastards like Bob "I F'ed Ontario" Rae, and Bill "Cocky MF'er" Graham talk about how Canada has botched this crisis in Lebanon, and not done enough to evacuate Canadians from Lebanon, and call on Israel to ceasfire. While I agree everything should be done to get Canadians out of the region I fail to see how easy it would be to move 50,000 people out of a region. I am sure the ditherer Paul Martin would have done better...LOL. However here are some of the quotes from some Lebanese or Muslim Canadians on how grateful they are to live in this nation

1. "I love my country, I will always go back there, but I'm glad I'm home," she said.
Hmmm, intersting isn't your Country your f'n home!!!!!!!! Oh I see when it is is her best interest she is a Canadian otherwise she is Lebanese. Of course the Lebanon government has done so much to protect her.

2. "We Canadians who believe in our ethical and humanitarian role in the world will not forget his pathetic and inadequate response," she said.
Wow if that isn't happiness that taxpayers paid her way back to Canada I don't know what is!. I suggest we drop her dumb ass back in Lebanon because obviously there country treats her better then Canada.

3. "Stephen Harper shame on you, Arab lives have value too," marchers shouted.
Well that is unless you blow yourself up to take out a couple of Jews....right?

4. Ausma Malik, a University of Toronto student, called Israel's actions "state-sanctioned murder." LOL... that's great but what do you call it when a terroist organization blows up Innocent jews...LOL I imagine by dumb ass friend Malik would have a different prospective then.

5. "Today we unite as people of conscience . . . as people who will not be silent while a nation is torn to shreds, while innocent civilians are killed in the clear light of day," she told a crowd assembled outside the U.S. Consulate.
Hmm innocent civilans, who let a terroist organization hold your country hostage. I have another word for it. Gullible, and Brainwashed innocents comes to mind.

Now we get to the good quotes people who obviously haven't got to that cause and effect analysis of life. Here's a quote from someone who arrived in Toronto after fleeing like a chickenshit from the area, again thanks to taxpayers money. This Canadian by convienence says.

6. We are all with the leader of Hezbollah," said Hammoud. "God bless him and we are praying for him to defend us, and defend our children."
Yeah he's with them alright just as long as he can hideout in Canada! If your with them you f'n asshole go join them and fight instead of sitting here in Canada living of our bogus social systems.

And now my personal favourite .... apparently they held a "Peace rally" and this is what happened

7. Please for peace at the rally were offset by cheers and jubilation at word of a Hezbollah claim that 22 Israeli soldiers had have been killed during a limited drive into southern Lebanon.

LOL ... What a "Peace" rally. Am I the only one who see's through this BS. I see peace is cool as long as Muslims don't die, but if Isreali's dies well I guess that is peace too.. Is that what they teach in the Muslim religion.

Firstly where I find it is the "Norm" to blame everything on Israel and the States, the simple issue is this. Cause and Effect.

Effect.... I am tired in the morning and asked Why? Well I went o bed at 3am. That's where it seems the Middle East takes there analysis too. No one seems to ask why I went to bed at 3am. The reason is....My favorite movie came on and I couldn't stop watching it. So the reason I was tired is not because I went to bed at 3am, it's because I did not have the discipline to turn off the movie.

Let's apply the same analysis to why 8 Lebanese Canadians died.

1. They were hit by a missle fired by Israel. This is where most of the Muslim culture likes to cut off the analysis.

2. Israel fired because a terroist organization in Lebanon captured and killed Israeli soldiers. Hmmm

And in both analysis you could go further and find out why I had no discipline to stop watching the movie or in the death case the why could go back to end of WW II. The point is you should be happy that you live in Canada and stop bashing the government and taxpayers who paid your way out of Lebanon.

I wish more governments in the West would put more money into science and technology to develop an alternate source for fuel other then oil, instead of discovering a new way to have a man get erect. That would end the involvement of the world in a religious debate in the Middle East. Maybe just me...

Political correctness like having to say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" and not really looking deeper into problems are a slippery slope into losing democracy in my biased view. I don't know about everyone else but I am glad to be a Canadian, and do not appreciate when people who come into this country take it for granted.

More dribble from a useless mind to come.....

Sunday, July 16, 2006

CSNY concert and other things

On July 10th, thanks to my parents I was able to see Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at ACC. I went with my parents and my brother-in-law Darin. I have attended many concerts but this one ranks up with the best concerts I have been too. If I had to rank concerts as best I have been too, the CSNY ranks 3rd behind any U2 concert, and my first Tragically Hip concert. I might be one of the younger CSNY fans but I must admit that even though the entire group is in there 60's they sounded incredible. I grew up on CSNY as my dad listened to them. I can remember many road trips when I was young and CSNY would be on the tape deck. Considering the crap that they call music now, with BS R&B or rap and bands named Chamelionaire, and jokes like Coldplay/and whatever American Idol they have trying to play music it was refreshing to see 4 good guitar players play a 3 hour concert with one 20 minute break. There was no opening band, and the pot smell was flowing by 7:30pm in the ACC and CSNY took the stage and on there first half where they played a lot of there own stuff plus some of Neil Young's new album, which I do like a lot if you can ignore the political slant of his album. The songs are good.

The second half started with an acoustical sound which actually didn't disappoint. One song by Crosby was dull, but then he made up for it with his next acoustic song. When Neil did "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" I was amazed and it only continued. Stephen Stills and David Crosby looked disturbing physically however Crosby's voice and Stills guitar skills were still there. Graham Nash also sounded fantastic. One thing that was apparent though was that Neil Young was the Whole Show. Whether they were jamming at the end of a song, or Neil was playing harmonica, Neil was the centerpiece to the concert. I think Neil Young is one of the best musicians ever, and it showed he is damn good live too.

The only complaint I have is they didn't play "American Dream". Plus I also was able to tune out the political parts which made the concert more enjoyable. I also didn't expect them playing Neil Young's "Keep On Rockin In The Free World", but oh man did it rock. One of the highlights for sure. Just great. I heard that Stills fell on the Tuesday concert during this song, and that would have been tough to watch, as it would have taken him like 30 seconds to tip. Something like the fall my friend Kim took one time, but that's another story.

Other Highlights were Stills/Young acoustic version of "Treetop Pilot":, Graham Nash's "Our House" and "Milky Way tonight", plus "Ohio".

Again thanks Mom and Dad for the tickets!!

On another note I want to congratulate my buddy Brian and his wife Kim (the faller) on the birth of their first child Isabella (Izzy B) Whiten. I was lucky when I was home to see her and thank god she got her looks from Kim..... Just joking. Congrats.