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Monday, November 29, 2004

11 year old girl shot. What next?

I was disturbed to hear about the story of an 11 year old girl who was shot in the head while riding the TTC. Also shot was a 24 year old man. The story stated that the 24 year old victim got into an arguement with a bunch of thugs on the bus. This of course would lead to one of the thugs bringing out a gun and lighting up the bus.

When did people start having no respect for human life? As of this afternoon both victims were in serious condition in hospital, and for what? Someone disrespected these jokes. Excuse my non-political statement here, but if and when these animals are caught, why do we show compassion to them. Why is it that victims and there families are the ones who are punished? I have read lately a lot of horror stories of victims of crimes having to deal with the fact that the criminal is being released back into society? WHY? In this case the victims did not know the criminals. If someone can shoot up a bus, why is it wrong to lock this person up and throw away the key. And to a greater extent why don't we treat them like they do there victims, and shoot them in the head.

But we all know the bleeding hearts we have in this country, like the Richard Gere look-a-like Toronto Mayor David Miller who believes crime can be solved by building basketball courts. David would want to analyze the criminals mind and try to soothe him, Heh just give him a hug, that's all he needs right? This attitude is exactly the reason why crime is going up. It is nearly becoming a daily event to hear about these stories.

The most disturbing part is the fact that no witness had come forward to identify these men. These witnesses are nearly as bad as the criminal. Why will they not come forward? Scared? An 11 year old girl was shot in the head, and you want to protect the people that cause this, F-You. The only description was that they were 4 black males with dark coats, so they should be easy to find! Poor Chief Fantino having to deal with this. This chief (who was also the Chief of London, Ontario) has had to deal with corrupt cops, more guns on the street, and now a Mayor who's favorite author is Karl Marx. Chief Fantino has done a very good job considering the circumstances. His reputation is that he is tough on criminals, which doesn't jive with Mayor Miller's Hugs and Kisses attitude. Of course the result of this is that Toronto will be looking for a new Chief, as Miller put his "guys" on the Police board and they chose not to renew Fantino's contract. Miller says he had nothing to do with it, which is like OJ Simpson saying he had nothing to do with those Brentwood murders. So while we wait for the next great Andy Griffith to be the next Toronto chief, I just hope that these 4 gangbangers get caught and are given the proper punishment.