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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mexico - What I Like, and Don't Like

I thought I would do a little post on the things I like and don't like about Mexico having now been here for the better part of 3 months.

Top 3


1. The view while driving to and from work in Queretaro. The view is simply put amazing. Having only been on the coast while being in Mexico before this trip, I never realized that Mexico was home to some of the most beautiful mountain scenery I have ever seen. I drive too and from work and the view calms me down. If i could attach pictures I would. I was able to go to Bernal with my wife last week and the place other then one of my dislikes was amazing. I have also been able to visit San Miguel Allende and believe it or not they speak more English then Spanish. I also have visited Tequisqupan. Another fantastic scenic drive.

2. The culture is very laid back and very friendly. I was a little dumbfounded once when while sitting at a restaurant I saw a man go up to another man and give him a hug and a kiss. They were with other women who looked like there wives however the culture is very touch feely unlike Canada. I thought I was caught in the Gay Pride parade until I realized this was normal greetings for a man to another man.

3. The churches and history of Queretaro are beautiful. It has been told to me that this city was the point where Mexico declared independence from Spain. They have an aquaduct that spans half the city where water was delivered to a church to help the people of Querertaro get water while with war with the Spanish. Apparently the Correigodora which is the street my hotel is on ran from Mexico City to tell everyone that the Spanish were coming to kill the people who were starting the independence movement. This allowed Mexico to declare independence before they were taken out. Anyways all the churches I have visited were made in the 18th and 19th century and are by far the most beautiful churches I have been in. Granted I don't attend church very often. On Sundays here there is mass, and if you feel like it you can go in and attend mass, and get this no collection plate.


1. DRIVING with a godamn capital D. The fact that I have survived 3 months without an accident in Mexico should qualify me to be exempt from ever paying insurance. It is crazy. Roundabouts with no stop signs. Anywhere you are, you can pull a "U". Basically there are no rules to the road. Unlike Canada the pedestrians do not have the right away. Cars go and will not stop for anything. The highway I take to work which has a speed minimum of 100 km/h has people crossing the road, with animals, so you have to break hard to miss them. Buses and trucks swerve all over the place. The downtowns of every city are brick roads with speed bumps the size of a large dog, with no warning there coming up. It's crazy. The other day there was an accident in the southbound lanes which sent 2*4's across the entire northbound lanes. Instead of people going to the shoulder. Theys stopped and started loading up there cars with the wood. No one was even there checking to ensure the driver was alright. It is common place to see sheep and cows sitting on the side of the road with no rope. Very scary.

2. There is the rich and then there is the poor. You think Toronto is bad for begging come to Mexico. When I get to my car in the morning, I am directed out by a person who expects a tip. For what? Showing me how to back out. I am pretty sure I have done it before. Everywhere you park someone will find your car and wait for you to leave to direct you out for a tip. In patio restaurants, little 4 and 5 year olds come up in the restaurant and beg while there mother stands and waits. It's very uncomfortable and to be honest sick. Every traffic light has a dude trying to sell you a piece of paper he made to shield the sun, or a chocolate bar.

3. The sewer system was designed by a bunch of mental midgets. If it rains here, and when it does you get alot, the roads will flood, because they have no sewers on the roads. Being in the mountains the roads are hilly, and the water will collect at the bottom of the hill. This creates some fun as hydroplane is the operative word. And where there are sewers it stinks to high heaven.

Anyways there is my likes and dislikes. I also dislike that I had no idea some of the hockey stuff that happened. Neil Smith and Ted Nolan now on NYI. Tanguay was traded to Calgary. Leafs got Raycroft. I am usually always behind on my sports news. Oh how I miss TSN, and Sportsnet. I can't handle another damn soccer (football) high(low)light.

Hasta Leugo

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Haven't Posted In a While - Well here it goes

As I sit in my Mexican hotel I decided it had been a while since I posted and having looked at some papers over the weekend, I've got some things to discuss (rant, whatever you call it).

1. If reports are right my opinion on JFJ just took a nosedive quicker then the career of Hanson. If Bryan McCabe was signed for about 6 million a year JFJ deserves the award for moron of the year. 5 more years of watching the Scarecrow will not ease my increasing blood pressure problem. I predict in 5 years my hair will be as gray as that joke Taylor Hicks ;Soul Patrol so gay, good luck on that career...LOL (yes I know a little gay to watch American Idol, no arguement here). I did like the Kaberle signing because he has skills and a brain. Bryan has skills, or at least one, a slaphot. WooHoo. The problem is he has the menatlity of that Corky kid from Life Goes On (I know gay again). Terrible signing and looks like JFJ has a lot of work to do to get back in my graces (like he cares).

2. I love the fact that after 17 people were arrested for planning a terror attack in Ontario, the relatives and everyone who knows them were SHOCKED and expressed they weren't terrorists and all were Hall Of Fame kinda guys. They should stop interviewing relatives after arrests because what are they going to say? Guy was an ahole...LOL By the way when 3 tonnes of fertilizer are found with weapons and a cellphone attached to a dentinator, my guess is that they are not starting a landscaping business. I had one moron tell me we should deport them? After wondering why some people on this planet have no brains, as if we deport them they will just come back in with our lax immigration laws, I think what should happen is all 17 guys if found guilty, should be brought to some remote place in Yukon, put in a shed load all the fertilizer in with them, and make that remote call. If these pricks are so upset at Canada and our involvement in Afghanistan my suggestion to them would be, get off are welfare system get a plane ticket and fight for what you believe, instead these are a bunch of chickenshits, just like all terrorists. What cause are they fighting for, the bullshit 70 virgins waiting for you in heaven...LOL

3. The Muslim community was also upset beacuse as they put it.
"The media has already started negative propaganda against Muslims and the Islamic community," and "This is not Islamic terrorism." OK well let me throw out my unpolitically correct facts. Who was responsible for 9/11? Who is responsible for the majority of terrorist attacks in the world? They say the media has started the negative propeganda? Hey man look in the mirror. What's more disturbing is this statement, because heaven forbid Canada not be politically correct.

RCMP and CSIS briefed leaders of Toronto's Muslim community about the arrests at an 8 a.m. meeting at Toronto Police headquarters -- two hours before yesterday's news conference.

What?????? Why????? This is bullshit. You mean do they gather the white community together when they arrest someone who is white. Or gather black leaders before they arrest them.

This quote in the article sums it up.

But David Harris, former chief of strategic planning for CSIS and a senior fellow with the Canadian Coalition for Democracies, said this type of terrorism is driven by Islamic extremism, and failing to name it means failing to understand it.

"The political correctness aspect could kill us in the end."

Well said.

4. One more thing that drove me nuts. I read an article about a man who killed a woman by knifing her to death. Tough story but what was more interesting was the man had been arrested for knifing another woman 7 weeks before the woman was killed.
Why was he not in jail you ask? Here was the reason given...

For the assault on his girlfriend, Linklater was given a six-month sentence to be served in the community, mainly, the judge noted, because he's an aboriginal and his lengthy record is mostly for property offences. He was also banned from drinking or having a weapon.

Are you f'n kidding me. I see if your an aboriginal there is a different law system. Hmmm Does anyone agree with that statement. If you do buy a gun and do us all a favour. Oh by the way the ban worked real well as he killed a woman after a night of drinking, Imagine that! He killed her because she denied his sexual advances. The crime was described as one of the worst crime scenes, as he stabbed her 43 times.

Here the judge drones on..
Justice Harry LaForme, who is a Mississauga Indian and a highly regarded judge who was later promoted to the Court of Appeal, decided "to remedy the crises of drastic over-representation of aboriginal people in our penal institutions."

"Mr. Linklater stands before this court as yet another representative of the aboriginal community who is a symbol of our society addressing the effects of aboriginal history and not the cause. At the same time, he is a repeat offender who has been convicted of a serious violent offence," LaForme said.

Linklater, who is virtually illiterate and may suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome, began abusing alcohol at age 9.

Way to go Judge, fantastic your were promoted, with such good sense. This judge is responsible for the death of this woman. How the fuck is this judge still working? Great reasoning; Well because he is aboriginal and a symbol of what happens and not the cause bullshit an innocent woman died. This guy should at least be sued or at the very least fired. Maybe 43 knife stabs to his daughter might change his mind. How do you live with yourself Judge? Your a disgrace, way to fight the cause of that overpopulation of aboriginals in penal instituitions, an innocent woman died. Congrats.