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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Leafs Lack Of Defence

I watch with amazement how the Toronto Maple Leafs defensmen always pinch, and try and make the offensive play. They do not have more then 3 goals from any defensmen, yet they pinch and never support when needed. Exhibit A was Tomas Kaberle hanging out Luke Schenn to dry against the Caps tonight. I was taught in novice minor to always backup your fellow D partner when he has the puck and always assume he may lose it. Tonight Luke is in an obvious trouble spot with the puck and Kaberle is going into the zone instead of backing him up. The result is a heartbreaking goal which cost the Leafs the game. I personally can't wait for the end of The Tomas Kaberle era with the Leafs which has a record 6 probably now 7 years of no playoffs. Maybe his dad can blame Ron Wilson for that too.