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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Flames lose. Smarty Jones loses and how do you take Boxing seriously

What a disappointing day in sports.

First Smarty Jones doesn't win the Belmont Stakes

Second the Calgary Flames who dominated from the midpoint on lose with the goal being scored by Martin St. Louis who was claimed off waivers from Calgary. It would have been great for my parents as well who were at the game to see the Cup. There would have been many great stories of the celebration.

Thirdly I watched the Oscar De La Hoya - Felix Sturm fight. To put it bluntly Sturm dominated this fight, yet when it went to the judges they all score the fight 115-113 for De La Hoya. How can you take this sport seriously. The judges are corrupt, and wanted to setup a so called Mega Fight with Hopkins and De La Hoya. This sport is a joke, and might as well put the tagline of WWE beside there name as the outcome is pre determined. Shame on them, and shame on De La Hoya to say he won the fight. Unless the judges went to the Helen Keller school of judging they were bought, and if that's the case I ask How do you take this sport seriously?

On a side note with Ronald Reagan passing away today I will ask, Is there any other world leader who could deliver a speech better then him? Farewell.