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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Random Thoughts From A Disturbed Mind

Some random thoughts that have entered my mind lately

1. Would it be possible for the new NHL CBA whenever it is negotiated to include the fact that Al Strachan has to travel to every NHL site and be stoned.

2. Last month in Toronto a woman found $40,000 on the street and returned it to a bank. I agree this is admirable but her reason for doing this was she didn't want any money that isn't hers. Considering she is on welfare, my question to her is Where does the money from your welfare cheque come from? It is definately not yours, or earned.

3. Would Southeast Asia help us out if we had a disaster?

4. Why when people die, like Johnny Carson this week, does every B-List celebrity come out and cry about how spectacular the person was. I am just waiting for Suzanne Sommers to bring her infested ass out and get some attention crying.

5. In an article yesterday The Muslim Board of Canada (or something like that) was upset that heaven forbid a Christian family might adopt an orphan muslim baby from the Tsunami relief. They pointed out it is not right for a Christian to adopt a muslim which leads me to two questions. 1. So is it better to starve to death then be adopted? and the 2nd one by there rational; Why is it OK for a prodominenlty Christian country to allow Muslims? Hmmm

6. Who's fatter; Rita McNeil or Star Jones?

Anyways just some random thoughts

Monday, January 24, 2005

Gay Marriage - Who Cares. Paul Martin = Coward

Recently it appears that gay marriage has become the hot button issue in Canada. I happen to be a happy heterosexual male who doesn't care if homosexuals are given the right to marry. To me it just doesn't matter, and I am not about to tell someone else how to live there life. I feel if they want the right to lose half there pension (just joking) then go ahead, however I also believe if a church is opposed to it they shouldn't be forced into it. When I was single I used to joke that to me gay guys were alright it was the lesbians I disliked because they were competition. I mean a gay guy was one less competitor on the scene.

But enough of my sometimes sad single life, I just think there are way to many more important issues then gay marriage on the table right now that we should focus on. One being that our dearly departed Immigration Minister Judy Sgro was recruiting Romanian Strippers to campaign for her with promises of a favourable immigration hearing. On top of that she was alleged to have a member of a terroist group Tamil Tigers as her secretary, and finally had to resign because another allegation surfaced that she was getting free pizzas from a man she had promised would be seen favourably by the immigration board. The fact that Paul Martin did not off her from cabinet until she resigned shows the man's cowardice and from the Carolyn Parrish incident we can see the only way a member can be booted is if they bad talk Martin. Considering how messed up are Immigration policy is, this is just another kick in the teeth.

Another issue is the disturbing trend of violence appearing in Toronto. In some cases there are witnesses to the crime who do not come forward because they are apparently scared. I don't buy this at all, they are not scared, they are cowards and just as immoral as the person/people who stabbed/pulled the trigger. This brings up back to our criminal laws which are in favour of the accused and not the victim. We need to be tougher on crime, not pay lipservice to it.

We have a governor general who spends her time vacationing when she should have attended a funeral in Alberta. After she makes up excuse after excuse I started to think Why do we need a Governor General? I mean she spends 40 milion to fly around the world including a vacation up north to be what? Irrelevant! I mean Adrienne Clarkson has the best job in the world; Shop, Throw Parties and Vacation on the Canadian taxpayers dime and once in a while shake some hands. Even with this cushy job she couldn't break a vacation to perform a duty that comes with the job? Just terrible.

And our fearless Leader while on his trips abroad decides to spend little time with D.A.R.T, preferring to get a good location for a photo-op. He then decides to boast while in China about his rights record and his stance on gay marriage. Is he serious? This guy is so courageous he chose to let the Supreme Court rule on it and then abide by there decision. This is the same guy who said a few years back he believed in not changing the definition of marriage, and now has flip-flopped, because the public has. This is the same guy who has forced his cabinet to vote for gay marriage when it is brought up in the House of Commons. Isn't that being a dictator? While Paul Martin has touted himself as the anti Jean Chretien, he appears to be just as cowardly and dictorial as Jean, only unfortunately worse. I mean Paul Martins balls must hurt from sitting on the fence on every issue. A Leader No, A Coward Yes.