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Friday, December 30, 2005

Merry Christmas - Sort Of

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here's hoping that 2006 brings great things. Since everyone knows I am a little of a "Half glass empty" kinda guy, if you find Merry Christmas as an offensive statement I would ask for you to kiss my ass.

Now for the rant;

On Boxing Day a 15 year old girl was killed while looking for some Boxing Day deals on Yonge Street. Since this time I have heard how very mad people are at what took place. As I always say "Talk is F'n cheap". Some might recall my post earlier this year where a 6 year old girl was shot while on a bus, because a black youth (Not "An at Risk" youth like Miller craps out) decided he was dissed by another bus rider. Everyone got angry, and what happened? The same that will happen in this case........NOT A F'N Thing.

First Irwin Cotler made an assine statement, the Chief was confident they would catch the person, the public outcried, and lets look at the facts, No arrests, and just nicely swept under the rug, Thank you. It's an "At risk youth" problem. I mean are we so politically correct or what.

Lets look at the asssine statements this time....

Mayor Miller while in vacation in Spain took time out of his vacation with his 12% pay raise he gave himself and went on CNN to blame the Americans for the Boxing Day shooting. And Canadians wonder why we are called the "retarded cousin". It's because we are for electing complete morons and retards to public office. Mayor Miller uses this incident for some time on CNN to push an agenda that isn't there to push. He reminds me of the "Special Ed" classes in my old high school where if someone was hit and the class was asked who did it, he would stand up and point and say "He did it". Did he mention anything about the victim? Did he mention anything about punishment? Good to see where his priorites are!!!!!!!

Now are PM steps to the floor and delivers this assinine statement;

that these crimes "demonstrate what are in fact the consquences of exclusion"?

Yes folks 39% of Canadians are so stupid that they will vote a guy who says the previous comment into the PM chair. Lets break down his comments shall we, this guy is out to lunch with no idea what' going on.

Exclusion!!! In Toronto. Hmm as I recall because I work in the city and live just outside of it, I might be wrong but is there any place on earth that practices no exclusion like Toronto. The Gay Parade, Caribana, Taste of the Danforth, Sections of town dedicated to other cultures, China town, etc!!!!! Every culture is celebrated, and Mr. Martin talks of consequences of exclusion......

If by exclusion he is talking about the exclusion of victims rights well he is right. This crime was caused by "Hug a Thug" thinking (PS Thanks Julian Fantino great term). I also didn't know Paul Martin was a defense attorney for criminals but his quote could help the cause of the criminal. Just like our F'd up society to provide excuses for the criminals while failing to protect the victims rights. Karla Homolka, Drug dealers, and gang bangers being let out on bail so they can disappear, etc. I suggest Paul Martin keep to things he is good at, Making sure his business Canadian Steamship keeps avoiding Canadian taxes by using Bahamas as a tax shelter, doing what I used to do a lot of "Flapping" during the debates, and making our country a disgrace.

Even if they caught some of the thugs, they will surely qualify for the Youth Offenders Act which will protect them and there identity. They should publish these dummies name so we can hold the parents responsible as well. I will tell you my thoughts on how to solve this problem... however I suggest the politically correct stop reading.

1. Birth Licenses, to stop poor, drugged out, on the system people from crapping out kids who have no chance so Mom and Dad can get another bottle of whisky a week. Sorry folks this is happening. If you need a license to do anything why not a License for having kids. I find it amusing that people who want kids and can't, have to pay through the nose for kids they want and are willing to do it. Does the governement help these people out. No. They help out the rejects of life who would not go to the extremes to have kids. They have kids for money while people who want kids and can't, have to pay for the privilige. Kinda backward isn't it.

2. Scrap the Youth Offenders Act. If you make a mistake I don't care at what age you should be punished. Are you telling me a 17 year old who kills someone is to young to understand the consequences. Please.

3. Mandatory minimum sentences, to prevent the "Hug a Thug" judges from dealing them out. And I am talking about Life for any murder, No parole. Or death sentences. Punishment that would be stiff. Do I think the incident on Boxing Day would not have happened if these sentences were in Place. No.. But wouldn't it be nice to know that the poeple who did this would be off our streets forever.

4. Add more police officers to the streets, and get rid of the politically correct mandate. Everyone who does this is as they put it "Our known to police" If they are known Deal with the motherf&%ers. And I will say it. Most of these crimes are committed by BLACKS!!! There I said it, I am going to hell.

5. Scrap social programs that allow the weak and destructive of our society to thrive. You know a welfare system that allows people to live like normal hard working people. This is communism and from what I hear, wars were fought over it.

6. Kick this Liberal government out of power. They are more concerned with greasing there pockets then governing. Why is our country seen as "Retarded Cousins"? It is because of a lack of leadership.

More rants to come, but remember this a Vote for the Liberals is a vote for criminals, and a vote against the next victim. So please spare your anger and despair over this incident, because in 2 weeks this atrocity will be like the girl who got shot on the bus, swept under the rug.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Toronto Maple Leaf Comments

Well I know not many people read my blog, and less enjoy it, however for my general health instead of yelling at the TV I have decided that I would post my thoughts about the Leafs performance tonight.

Jason Allison has more 2nd assists then anyone in the NHL right now, so to tell me he is a good player just due to 2nd and sometimes 3rd assists points is just plain stupid. This guy is a plain joke, I am sorry that the good folks at the Leafs radio stations feel different then me, but to the real Leaf fans I know you feel my pain. My nickname for him is the "Human giveaway machine" you give him the puck and he will find a way to give it to the other team. He is the only one in the NHL I have seen so far fall down due to nothing but his inability to skate.

Bryan McCabe basically showed in one night why putting him on the Canadian Olympic Team would be a bad decison. On for both goals, and the main person responsible for both goals. When your in novice and a Dman, your coach tells you to be aware of a player coming off the penalty bench. I agree Belfour should have slapped his stick but McCabe should have been aware. Of course for Bryan to be aware of anything he would need a damn labotomy. The 2nd goal he goes to his knees to block a pass at the red line. WHY??????? He is a god damn moron, so when he goes to his knees for god knows what reason, as I do not understand what retards do, Lehitnen beats him to the net and scores. Just an assinine play and shows you why no one other then the Homer Joe Bowen belives the Scarecrow "If I only had a brain" belongs on the team.

Why were Allison, Poni, and Antropov on for 2 minutes of the last 5. I would agree with anyone who says that Poni, and Antropov have played well this year, but they did not have a good night tonight. Why put them on, as they are Ice hogs?

Please more ice time for Wellwood, and Stajan and less for Allison and O'Neill. Also am I mistaken but hasn't Tellquist played better then Eddie this year?

Paul Martin Vows to Ban Handguns - What a farse

Well the other day I had the unfortunate opportunity to listen to Paul Martin, flanked by tweedle dee Micheal Bryant, and tweedle dumb Dave Miller, announce his revoultionary idea to combat crime in Toronto. Keep in mind Old Pauly has been soft on crime and Irwin Cotler has ignored the problem, that is until election time.

The great oh so mighty idea.........BAN handguns. I nearly choked on my drink when I heard it, I actually started to laugh. BAN Handguns. What a fantastic idea, this will stop crime for sure because as we all know criminals always declare they have guns and register them. I mean this is as dumb as the Gun Bank. When a 20 yrd old kid is about to put a bullet into someone because they "Dissed, or stole, or disrespected" him, the first thing that will go through his mind is "Hey I better not do this because King Pauly and his leftist cronies told me that handguns are banned, so I better not do it." WHAT?? When will the Liberals, and the rest of Ontario get it? Criminals DO NOT register or care if handguns are banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What next Ban cars because they kill more people then guns. Ban planes because sometimes they crash? I mean these guys are supposed to be smart, and this is what they come up with. I thought the Ban of pitbulls was a joke too. Sooner or later people must realize that the people holding the guns, taking care of the pitbull...etc are responsible for there actions, and should be punished! A scenario for you Lets say 10 drunk drivers hit and kill 10 different people while driving a Dodge Neon. The Liberals would say Lets ban alcohol or Dodge Neons, rather then dealing with the individuals who got in the car. It's ludricous. A guy goes home drunk from a bar hits a tree and recks his car, yet he can sue the bar for giving him drinks! It's a joke. No one takes responsibility! The way to solve these crimes is to institute tougher sentences, tougher minimum sentences so some tree hugging judge can't let someone free for raping someone while there sleeping (Oh wrong case). The Liberals prefer to help the criminals vs the victims, and that to me is what needs to change. The Youth Offenders Act, the whole justice system, needs an overhaul. You know its tough when a women who raped tortured, and killed 3 people, gets to have conditions lifted off her by some leftist judge, her name Karla Homolka, we protect her rather then the victims families. Our priorites are bass ackwards.

As for banning things. Are drugs like heroin, crack, cocaine illegal? Yes. So if they are Banned, why does Toronto City council pass a motion that will provide addicts a safe house and clean needles to ingest these ban substances? I thought they were banned. This is hypocritical is it not? But this is the touchy-feely feel good solution passed by communists. Again we treat criminals with kid gloves, and reward them for being criminals, meanwhile victims are treated tough. And for you lefties out there addicts are not victims, they are criminals. They had a choice to do drugs or not. So calling addicts victims of a system or whatever BS you spill is what it is.......Wrong!