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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Canadian Olympic Showings

Our Olympic showing so far has been abysmal, and I won't comment on whether some athletes choked, or folded up like a cheap tent under the pressure. What I will comment on is these ridiculous notions by some of the athletes that we can't do well without pouring more money into programs.
Let me first comment, I am by no means an athlete, or in good shape. However I am not begging for more money. So let's say Perdita Felecien had more money would she have not wiped out? Would the rowers have gone faster if they all had some extra dough? The answer of course is NO. So why do these athletes, and some fans state that with more money we would have more medals. I don't know about you but if I am going to invest my money (get ready this is my non politically correct statement) I am certainly not going to invest it in losers.
My suggestion would be to first take all the money it took to fly the Canadian Olympic Committee and put that back into the program and leave the C.O.C morons at home. What do they contribute other then filing a dumb complaint and complaining about an athem they had already approved of? That would save you approx $400K. The next item would be to focus on some main sports rather then becoming to thin. Let's face some harsh facts no one cares about the damn trampoline. Lets focus on some main events we are on track with. I would suggest diving, rowing, wrestling, boxing, cycling, and maybe swimming, and master these events. Spend all our money on these events and try to develop talent, sort of like what the Aussies did with swimming.
This is just my opinion, but if the athletes are looking for more money, I say hit the old private sector up, because the public is taped out and not going to try to keep losers afloat.