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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Another Example of Lack of Common Sense

The Toronto Mayor David "Barney Fife" Miller was up to his old tricks of letting air go through his vocal chords and opening his yap and saying some more ridiculous things.

This man, who believes he is Richard Gere, is a fine example of how broke the political process is. As everyone knows; if you read my rants I lean (some would say "stand firmly") on the right of the political pendulum. Toronto right now has a mayor, who is a joke, and believes if we give everyone a big hug everything will get better. I am sure he spent too much time being breast fed by his mother, and joined all the "save the world" clubs in school which has led to some of the worst ideas I have ever heard, such as his basketball courts will cut crime, or the absolute beauty a gun bank, and now after another couple days in the new Compton (Toronto) a new idea from Barney Fife;

After the shootings David Miller called on "Companies to rise to the challenge, the mayor urged, by offering on-the-job training, jobs, "hope and opportunity" for hish risk youths".

Are you kidding me............

Lets look through his excuses so far

1. Its the Americans fault.....laughable
2. Its gun stores and owners fault for not securing there weapons, therefore a bank was needed.....see above
3. It was because there is not enough basketball courts........
4. Now it is business fault for not hiring high risk youths. Let me address this. I am an Operations Manager for a manufacturing plant, and let's say I have a job opening up, is Mayor Miller telling me I should just go to jane and finch and hire because "It's the right thing to do". You know I thought getting a job took some work through education, and working your butt off to prove yourself. But Mayor Miller belives people who work hard get education should take a back seat to a "High Risk" youth who took the easy way out of selling drugs and being a thug. Yes I believe we are entering the "Communist Zone".

Mayor Miller should look at his record since he took office and brought his touchy-feely slacker attitude to city hall. More gun crimes, more murders. A coincidence, Ahhh NO.

You know on that list of excuses not once has he addressed the person who does the shooting as the fault.

A gun can't kill a person, the person holding the gun does. Punish the criminal. ITS THERE FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone always has an excuse for everything that goes wrong, they get bad marks because of OCD, or there to stressed. I got in crime because I had no other choice, etc. I have a neuroligical disorder. I have A.D.D. It's all garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To curb this you need to be tough on criminals, harsh sentences, etc. Not gun banks, Basketball Courts, or "On The Job Training"

But with Barney Fife in office, and being a fine example of why a Harvard education isn't all its cracked up to be, we can expect more gun crimes etc. What next for david Miller, blame video games, or TV, or hockey, etc. Maybe he should look in the mirror, theres a real reason why we have more crime in Toronto!

Monday, October 10, 2005

My take on the Leafs so far, and other Hockey news.

So far the NHL has been very entertaining. I am liking the new rules, and have noticed that speed is the most important skill teams need. Which makes me wonder how the fastest skater with no skill Todd Warriner would fair, but I digress. With that said and how I feel that speed is so important, I am very worried about the Toronto Maple Leafs, as for the most part they lack speed. I watched the Montreal Leafs game on saturday night at the ACC and I was blown away by the Habs speed, and the lack of speed from the Leafs supposed best players.

My take

Jason Allison - A Bust. He can't skate. Reminds me a lot like Larry Murphy. You know give him the puck when your penalty killing and you have killed off 30 seconds by the time he skates it in your end. His penalty shot in the 1st game was terrible. I could have gone to Tim Hortons picked up a X-Large black, and been back to see him complete his shot. With the new NHL I don't see how Allison can be effective. This gamble backfired.

Eric Lindros - Been very impressed. By far the Leafs best forward in the 2 games. Just wish he had some talent on the wings with him.

Chad Kilger - Impressed with his speed, I think he will be a sleeper on the Leafs only because he has some good wheels, hopefully will be given more Ice time.

Wade Belak - The Albino Retard can't play in the AHL never mind the NHL. Will see how long Phat Quinn will keep with him. At best a popcorn vendor. Him and Berg are atrocious together. Really awful move to put them together.

Bryan McCabe - still the Scarecrow, the son of a bitch lacks a brain.

Ed Belfour - Average so far. Sourays goal from blueline no screeen, not good.

The Kids - I love Stajan, Steen and Wellwood, all have speed, and some skill. But with Phatty boy its tough for young kids to get Ice time, Just ask Alyn McCauley. Putting Wellwood with Wilm, and Domi and asking him to get points is like asking me to paint the Mona Lisa.

Tucker - I think he can be alright but please don't saddle him with Allison.

Czerkawski - Can someone say Dmitri Khristich in Polish.

Berg - A god damn disgrace.

Who is coaching the Leafs powerplay, because they should be fired. McCabe firing it around the boards so the goalie can play it is idiotic. Take advantage of the rules and dump it in the corner. Or why do the Leafs insist on not putting someone in front of the net? Simply awful.

Overall I think the Leafs will struggle. They might sneak in the 8th spot, but will struggle against teams with speed. Ottawa and Montreal just skate around the Leafs D. Its pretty embarrassing.

As for another topic, I recently have seen an overwhelming voice speaking out against fighting in Hockey. To all who have that opinion, look in the mirror; staring back at you is a moron. Go to a hockey game and when a fight happens take a look at how many people stay in there seats and look away. It is entertaining to see and adds to the game in some cases. A good rivalry game with a little bit "of extra hockey" is not a bad thing. The critics would say "The Americans don't like it". What a crock. Why do you think 100,000 Nascar fans go to the race, for the ambience, or the women. Lets face it most women at the races lack a full set of teeth, and there's nothing like a bunch of drunks , hot sun, and concrete to make my day. They go for the crashes, and the battle. So Rob Faulds, Damien Cox, etc. drop the assinine thoughts about Fighting, and stick to stuff your good at, although I don't know what that is.