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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Here We Go Again - Ontario gets to prove how stupid we are again

Well today begins another election campaign in what was once a great place to live Canada. I guess I should be happy that a criminal organization has a chance to be dethroned and not have a chance to pilfer my hard earned tax dollars into scams, and black holes, like Funding for Aboriginals, or Health care, where the money goes in but you have no idea what it does. You do know it is squandered quickly though as they both come for more money every year. I mean having an auditor make sure the money goes into the right place is a neo-Nazi idea, at least thats what the Liberal, CBC, Toronto Star, and Globe And Mail keep telling me. I guess when I put my money into investments I shouldn't ask what happens or hold anyone accountable for its losses or waste eh! Because the Liberals know how to run the country and are the only ones who do, but I digress I am rambling. I am not excited at all, the reason; I live in a province full of idiots who are willing to vote in the Liberals again, and not hold them accountable.

The Liberals in a matter of seconds have started the smear campaign, which somehow the Canadian public buys of the SCARY Conservatives. Lets look at Paul Martin's speech at the onset with my added commentary....

Good morning. A minority Parliament means the opposition can force an election whenever it chooses. In this case, I believe ambition has overwhelmed common sense. "Wow nice statement, way to show respect for voters who decided on a minority government, I guess I forgot to drink the Kool-Aid that says the Liberals are ENTITLED to rule. excuse me."

I know most of us don’t want a campaign over the holiday season. However, the Conservatives and the separatist Bloc, working with the NDP, have decided we’ll have one — as is their right. They have decided that forcing an election now is more important than establishing benchmarks to reduce wait times in health care, more important than making sure Canadians receive the full benefits of the tax cuts announced by the finance minister. "How the fuck do you know what I want? Reduce wait times, In the 18 months of power and 14 years of Liberal power have wait times gone down? Has health care been better? What ideas other then throwing money at it have you come up with you F'n fossil. Oh and as for tax cuts, what you couldn't have introduced them earlier. What a f'n arrogant ahole you are Dithers. As for Liberals, not 26 years ago they did the same thing and caused a Christmas election so get off your high horse dickhead. But I guess your were a spry 41 year old back then right Paul. I was 2. "

I do not believe the last several weeks of manoeuvring and strategic cynicism among the opposition leaders has been consistent with the clear message of a year and a half ago — when Canadians sent a minority Parliament to Ottawa and asked the parties to make it work: to choose co-operation over conflict, progress over partisanship. "Again you are assuming what Canadians want? And I can tell you spending 44 million dollars every hour for BS like aboriginal issues with no auditing in place isn't what I want you old goat. As for deals falling into bed with commies like Jack Layton isn't my idea of co-operation, or bribing the slut and back door deals with Belinda, that to me is not co-operation."

At the same time, I pledged in a televised address that I would call an election within 30 days of receiving the final report of Judge Gomery — so that my government would be accountable to Canadians. Most people found that reasonable and fair. But the opposition still spent the spring and then the fall trying to force an election. It was their obsession. " 30 days + 60 day campaigns mean Canadians who have proven to be stupid in the past will forget your a criminal organization, but good try on that one Paul. Again how did you know what Canadians thought was reasonable and fair. It would seem most Quebecers and Westeners don't think its fair. Oh the 70 yr old is so in touch with the pulse of the public is he?"

We have worked to strengthen our public system of health care — investing $41-billion over 10 years to ensure Canadians get to see a doctor when they need one, where they need one. " Where did the investment go, Has health care got better, where are the ideas?, how much of this money actually went where it was supposed to go and not into pockets or cushy jobs?"

We have worked to create a national program of early learning and child care, reaching agreements with all 10 provinces and investing in affordable, quality care and teaching — to make sure future generations of Canadians will have the best possible chance to succeed. "Oh yeah where? Oh putting Ken Dryden on it and expecting to be done in 10 years, is like putting him in charge of the Leafs and promising a Cup in 7 years, Oh wait that's been done before."

I want that society to be progressive and generous, concerned not only with economic prosperity but with fairness and social justice. A society that will never stray from the values on which it was built: respect for each other, equality of opportunity, a shared commitment to helping all Canadians seize their potential. "Yeah your history on social justice is great, how about real justice where criminals are given more rights then victims asshole? Tough to seize my potential when you take all my money away from me and give it to not the poor, but the lazy, at lets not forget the kickbacks."

Jack Layton thinks government should do everything, even if it puts at risk the nation’s finances. "Smilin Jack is an idiot but he hasn't lied yet, and Heh not 6 months ago you went to bed with him so doesn't that mean you are exactly what you summarized he is?"

Stephen Harper sees no role for government and would turn his back on our investments in early learning, in cities and communities, in helping immigrants adapt to their new lives in Canada. "Less government is better in my opinion, Let people choose how they want to live, then be told. And Old man where did you get that Stephen Harper was taking back investments in cities. Oh that was one of your little white lies. right"

Gilles Duceppe has but one imperative: to divide us at a time when there is so much we can achieve together, when a proud and ambitious Quebec is contributing to making our country stronger. "Liberal Corruption made Gilles Duceppe, not the Conservatives. You Old Pauly and the rest of your Liberanos did"

When you cast a vote for a Liberal government, you vote to protect a strong economy and the lowest unemployment since 1975. You vote to continue the best fiscal performance in our nation’s history. You vote for standing proud in the world — meeting our responsibilities while speaking with an independent voice. You vote for standing up to the United States on softwood lumber.
When you cast your vote for a Liberal government, you vote for better health care, for early learning to help children thrive, for more vibrant and liveable cities and communities. You vote for a Canada defined by respect, generosity and fairness, a Canada that seeks to extend equality of opportunity to all, a Canada that strives to be the standard by which other nations judge themselves.
There is such potential in our nation, such promise in the years ahead. If we choose to, together we will fulfil that potential. If we choose to, together we will achieve that promise. On January 23rd, that choice will be yours. Thank you.

"Laughable, you forgot if you vote Liberal your a moron"

The sad part is most people in Ontario are, or even sadder don't know the issues. I guarantee you 90% of Ontario people have no idea who there MP is. They have no idea what the parties positions are. They only know what the Toronto Star, Globe And Mail, and CBC say. Just pathetic actually

So another Liberal majority is on its way. So sad!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Censorship in Canada - Howard Stern Banned

I am absolutley outraged that Howard Stern will not be able to broadcast over PAY Radio in Canada. This is true censorship. Apparently Sirius Canada has no plans on broadcasting Stern. Why? Because they wouldn't get subscriptions No! This was the explanation...

"The CRTC, who we are licensed to, would eventually force us to take Stern down, because we have standards we have to abide by in this country when you own a broadcasting licence."

Are you F'n kidding me. This is not terrestial radio, this is a program you pay for, and what gives anyone the right to tell me what I can or can not listen to. what next ban The View because if too many men look at Star Jones to long they will become gay? Satellite Radio is a service you pay for, so why in the hell should it fall under the CRTC umbrella. I choose to listen to it, I can not just all of a sudden turn on my radio and hear it? I CHOOSE TO LISTEN!!!! I PAY TO LISTEN. The CRTC acts like it is some father figure telling me what is right and wrong. Go F yourself. Apparently listening to Oprah rant about some topic or Dr.Phil spewing garbage is up to "Canadian standards" Another dangerous quote;

"When we applied for a licence, the CRTC pushed us about this," he said. "(Stern) was definitely a topic of conversation. We (Standard) are a big broadcaster and have to deal with the CRTC on other issues. And the CBC obviously has a cultural mandate to be concerned with."

So basically the CRTC would punish a broadcaster for playing Stern. Folks this is censorship, plain and simple and we should all be furious over this. Most Canadians will do they will go ahh shucks, but this is not funny, It's a slippery slope to women not showing any skin but ankles because someone thinks thats the best thing for you an me. Listen I am the biggest believer in free speech. I hate most talk shows, and regular TV, but they have the right to broadcast them without being censored. Anything that prevents this is wrong pure and simple.

Let's look at this cultural mandate thing. I have a Bell ExpressVu system and let me share a list of titles I could pay for and watch right now.

1. Space Nuts
2. Busty Lovers 4
3. Sex University
4. Real Life Swingers
5. Cabin Fever (male porn)

I am struggling with the cultural thing in these fine films.
Another channel you can pay for Pride TV, a station dedicated to gay activities.

Don't get me wrong I think it is fine to have Pride Stations, and the films above, I think nothing should be mandated or regulated when it comes to PAY media, but I think watching another guy put his you know what in another guys sun don't shine, is a little more offfensive then someone talking.

I had asked for a Sirius system for Christmas. I have now taken back that request

Maybe it's just me. I have sent out e-mails to Sirius Canada and I will update on this atrocity.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Irwin Cotler - Total Change of Mind

I dislike Irwin Cotler (for most Canadians who don't know he is our federal justice minister, you might what to know that kinda stuff, I digress) immensely. Why? Well, I dislike most Liberals, but I detest Irwin Cotler for being a spineless, hypocritical piece of human waste. Here is an example. If you look at my archives I gave him a Larry King Award some time ago for stating after a rash of gun violence in Toronto and a call for stiffer minimum sentences,

"We are concerned whenever there is an outbreak of violence, but we don't enact laws in response to a particular event, however regrettable and tragic it is for the victims."

Hmm an assine statement for sure, so lets look at what Irwin Cotler said today, keep in mind folks this is just before an election, that appears to be close.

"We have to send a strong message with respect to those who would wish to engage in gun-related crime," Cotler said in an interview Monday. "There will be legislative initiatives in that regard . . . . If there is a consensus after I share this with my colleagues, I will be able to move rather quickly."

Wow so in 7 months what an about face by the so called principled leader. I wonder why he changed his mind. Instead of me answering this why don't I let the Wrinkled ass Cotler do it for me.

Taking note of opposition threats to bring down the government, Cotler cited the gun reforms as "another reason why it may not be a good idea to have an election yet."

"Maybe we should get some important business accomplished without it being pre-empted by an (earlier) election," said Cotler.

Cotler you are like every other Liberal; a god damn disgrace. All of a sudden you step back on your principles (granted they were wrong), when danger of losing power comes a knockin. And guess what most Canadians (who call themselves educated, and unbiased, yet take CBC and the Toronto Star as their bible) will fall for this. Mr. Cotler was more interested in the gay marriage bill before over gun legislation but now with an election near all of a sudden eh....

Other things on my mind

1. Letting Jack Layton have some power is like pouring coke into a NFL lockeroom. Not good

2. Why would the Carolina Panthers release 3 find upstanding cheerleaders for having lesbian sex in a bar. What's wrong with that, other then it wasn't on pay-per-view. I mean they don't release players for killing there girlfriends (Rae Carruth), or taking steroids (kicker). Give the girls a break...LOL

3. This just in Jason Allison still can't skate, even if he is playing wing. Read an article where he wants more ice time. Also read an article where pigs will start crapping Tiffany Cufflinks too.

4. Bryan McCabe for Canadian Olympic Team. Sounds like a great start for a comedy routine. The Scarecrow is not that good. Look how long it is taking him to adjust to being covered on the Powerplay now.

5. If the Raptors were given a handicap of 30 wins, would they still make playoffs? I have an over under at 15 wins, and ladies and germs I am taking the under.

6. Amazing how when Stephen Harper releases his ethics platform that was called by experts, as "the best one yet" and would have prevented "AdScam" a liberal Scott Brison comes out and blatantly lies about Harper and his time in the NCC. However how many of you know Harpers platform or heard about it? Yet Scott Brison who lies gets plenty of time on CBC to plant these lies, however CBC forgets about telling the public Harper's ideas. Unbiased for sure. Brison should be sued for libel, and should have to make an apology on the CBC and in commons for lying. But then again the Liberals are so ethical right?