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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Example of No Common Sense

In a previous rant I went off about the 3 "C"'s people lack. I dealt with Consistency, and Competence. I will provide 3 examples of a lack of common sense, and NO it is not a coincidence that 2 examples of lack of common sense come from liberal, or left minded people. I think Liberal should be rewritten in the Oxford dictionary to mean "lack of common sense".

1. In what may be the most ridicoulous thing I have ever heard, the Toronto Mayor "Barney Fife" Miller has come up with the biggest bonehead idea of all time to fight gun violence in Toronto. Keep in mind this guy has come up with ideas, like more basketball courts to fight poverty, and violence. Or throw money into the empty pit that is the homeless, and heaven forbid arrest homeless people for crimes, because somehow it is not ther fault. Or his gem that it is the U.S. fault for the gun violence in Toronto. It seems Mayor Miller thinks it would be great to have a central location to store guns, sort of like a bank for guns, where you would have to sign out your guns and be forced to store your guns in this "Bank". What a F'n moron. Let me help the Liberals out here, criminals who have guns are not going to register them or put them in a f'n bank. So spending 1 billion dollars for a gun registry and who the hell knows for a bank is not only a waste of taxpayers money but will only punish people who legally own guns. Are you telling me that Jamal who is illegally in this country will take his 9mm and go down and register this gun, and then when old Leroy back talks him and he wants to shoot him, Jamal is going to go down to this "Bank" and check out his gun, shoot Leroy, and bring it back to the Bank!!! I mean to think that Miller is the Mayor of Toronto is simply an embarassment and proves that the majority of Torontonians are either stupid or just don't care. To combat crime you need to be able to fight it with stiff punishment, but of course since Chief Billy Bob Blair has come on board he has solved 3 murders of the 35. Great batting avaerage, you want to play 1st base for the Blue Jays.

2. A committe is being setup to understand or improve gridlock in Toronto. Of course this committee will come up with ideas like the one for the privatization of the LCBO. The governement will ignore it and it will cost 15 million for ideas from people who have never had to worry about being in traffic. Now lets see what would happen if you asked an 8 year old the same question. Pardon the french but the answer would be

"Build more F'n roads" there you go that advice is free. And this Bullshit that the TTC is a great system is lunacy. For me to go to work, I would have to take a Go train at $50.25 a week then a 1km walk to a subway which would be another $25 a week to take a subway and then onto a bus. It would take me 2 hours to get to work instead of the 1.25 hours it normally takes now, and my cost for gas currently a week is $50. So don't tell me I am not thinking about the enviornment when I choose not to take the TTC. Again a waste of 15 million dollars for what? To keep those Left Wing braindead lawyers employed.

3. The effects of Hurricane Katrina are terrible. While I will keep my politically incorrect comments to myself, I read this article where tourists were very upset because they weren't being looked after. One girl had mentioned she arrived on the Saturday and was very disturbed that the tourists were not the #1 priority for a city thats #1 business is tourism. Well lets see, You don;t live in new Orleans. The Governor ordered an evacuation of the city and yet you still travel to the city, and then complain. I mean its a shame she didn't die because we would have had one less moron on the planet.

Where is some good old common sense when you need it.