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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why The CFL Can Not Be Taken Seriously

This past Sunday I picked up my brother-in-law (Dave) at the airport who was moving back to Ontario from Calgary where he has enjoyed the CFL. I have always been a NFL fan and from time to time would watch a CFL game. Anyways Dave convinced me to throw on the CFL game between the Argos and the Alouettes. The game was 23-3 Montreal, and shortly after turning it on the game went to 23-10. The Argos were then driving the ball again when I witnessed a play that the officials completely blew, and a prime example why the CFL is a disaster. Ricky Williams was handed the ball ran up the middle and was tackled, the ball came loose, and the whistles were blown. All players on the field quit. One Montreal player picked up the ball. An Argo afterward took the ball from this player and started running to the endzone while whistles blew and the refs stopped the play. The play was called ruled down by contact. Fair enough. Then the Alouette coach threw in a challenge flag. I asked Dave what the hell was going on, How do you challenge a play that was blown dead before anyone picked up a possible fumble? He, like myself did not understand what was going on. Anyways after watching the replay you could see that Williams did in fact lose the ball before he hit the ground. However last time I played or watched a sport the whistle being blown means end of play, and since the whistle was blown before anyone picked up the ball, How the hell could you rule it a fumble.

Sure enough I forgot that this was the CFL, where the officials get paid less then the "Beer Man", and the official came on the field and said fumble, Montreal's ball. How in the F*^% does that happen? This moron apparently has enough ESP to predict that Montreal would have recovered the ball if he didn't blow the play dead. And if this moron ref actually continued to watch the play he should have rewarded the Argos with a TD because the Montreal player who picked up the ball did not take a knee or was tackled. In fact the Argo player stripped him and started running down the field. This is a call made in a Conference Final? LOL? What a bushleague call, and for that matter what a horrible league, to employ such jackasses. Not to mention later missed plays. One in front of the ref where an obvious facemasked was ignored, and one play where the Argo receiver was 3 yards offisde and no flag. The commentators for that game were also unlistenable.

So I was thinking for sure that this call would be brought up and discussed through the week, and it really wasn't. Unbelievable! I guess the CFL fans expect the game to be a travesty before watching it, or just expect this shit. As for me I will keep watching the real football league.....NFL.

On another note, How much will Belinda Stronach keep milking this dog/bone/whore stuff. I mean she thinks because one person made a comment she was a dog, that it applied to all women. Hmmmmm! If I call another man an idiot, does that mean I think all men are idiots? Guess what Belinda some women like you our whores, and most women are not. There you go. Stop putting your pathetic face on TV and crapping out your intials (BS). By the way if Conservatives views of women are so archaeic like you claim. How many women are seriously being considered for the Liberal leadership? How many women have led the Liberal Party? Just a question I guess most Liberals forget to ask before throwing stones. Imagine that Left-Wingers overreacting! Incredible.