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Sunday, August 20, 2006

(Un) Entertainment Tonight

I had an idea once (surprising I know) to have a show called Un-Entertainment Tonight (Un-entertainment tonight is one of many Billisms) and basically replay the show with my thoughts and burn the hell out of the show. Let me start off with saying I hate these shows with such passion and vigor. I think it is awful that people give a flying F to care what entertainers do in there off-time. Shows like Entertainment Tonight, Extra, and the like are just plain ridiculous in my opinion. But just like my sister showed in my last point I am not in the cool club.

Why do I care that Britney Spears is having a kid? Why do I care what Richard Gere thinks? Why do I care that Tom Cruise is a scientologist? The fact is I don't, and I can't see why anyone else would either. My life is pretty full already without concerning myself that Mel Gibson says "Jews start all wars". I don't know Mel, so what if he gets arrested and says shit when he is drunk? I have called an ex-girlfriend, or female friend a couple of times at 3am after having one too many pops, and said some crap I didn't mean. Who cares?

My idea would consist of me playing clips of the previous nights Entertainment Tonight Show and pointing out the Bullshit that they spew. I mean what the hell do I care that Suzanne Sommers makes up some molesting story, or some childstar whines and makes excuses for why he is an idiot. I think it is a good idea for a show, however I probably am the only one.

In my life, as I am about to welcome my first "Chicklet" (Don't worry it only gets half my DNA, the other half is my wife Joyce, so that should balance the kid out) I find my focus in life narrowing to what is really important. The priorities are my family and friends, and a little to the Maple Leafs (my crux). I don't care what actors do in there personal lives. I could care less.

Maybe again it is the uncool (another Billism) to not like the gossip shows.

By the way I am loving the "Ali G Show". That guy is great.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Peace Rally

Well sadly I decided to read the Toronto newspapers online today and ran into an article that reved me up for whatever reason.

The link is

As I read this article all I can do is laugh. Let me state that I have no issue whatsoever in someone having the right to speak whatever they want, no matter how stupid. Having free speech is something that free countries should treasure. Free speech doesn't always mean that someone smart will say something, it also allows morons, and hypocrites the same rights as intelligent sane people. However that is a free society. But again it gives me the right to make fun of them.

So as I see people demonstrate against Isreal in a supposed "Peace rally" I could not overlook the irony of what was taking place. First I am not sure that at a "Peace rally" I would see a countries flag burned. I am not sure what the peaceful message was in that, however I digress.

I also laughed to see that NDP officials were at a "Peace rally" that was chanting for a terrorist organization Hezbollah. I guess since the NDP have no chance ever to lead this country maybe there philospohy is now to start supporting terrorists and get the Islamic vote. Maybe someone forgot to tell the NDP this was not a rally for the homeless, Oh well, An interesting strategy to say the least.

I also started to think, that these people that support Hezbollah from an ocean away (I might add how courageous that is), just maybe don't appreciate what it is like to be Canadian. I mean I am sure if I went to Lebanon and held a Christian "Peace Rally" I am sure that I would be treated the same as they were in Canada yesterday. I can think of nothing bad that would happen to me if I burnt a Muslims countries flag in Lebanon, Can you? Maybe these people who support Hezbollah should instead thank God (Allah, or that elephant, whatever you believe) that they live in this country, and support the country that allows them to put on such idiotic protests and doesn't arrest you for burning flags. Maybe it is just me.

I wonder what would have happened if some Isreal Canadians showed up at the Lebanon embassy and started protesting against sick people that believe there cause would be furthered by blowing themselves up and some innocent civilians. Imagine if they burned the Lebanese flag, I wonder what they would be called, Hmmmm, I am sure no response would come from Muslim organizations in Canada. Ooops wouldn't that be free speech too? I am sure we would hear that they are racist against the Islam religion right? Kinda would show the hypocrisy of free speech eh?

By the way watch CBC or CNN news and count the time focused on deaths in Lebanon and then how much time they spend on the Isreali deaths. I think it is very fair and unbiased. LOL. I see how upset Canadians (including myself) are that 26 Canadians have been killed in Afghanistan since 2002. Well I would ask those people to count how many Isrealis were killed in attacks from organizations like Hezboallah.

On another note I don't know what I missed but somehow it became the coolest thing to wear these bracelets that support causes such as cancer, and feed the world and the such. They cost what $2 and do what? The money goes to feeding a kid in Africa, while you get to show everyone how cool you are that you want to save the world. Well I am sure that kid who got your $2 thanks you that he can after the government eats 75% can take that 50 cents to get some rice. This liberal view that everyone needs to be saved seems to be the rage now. Well I have an idea for a bracelet. It would be black with a white splash on it. I will let you guess what it would support. It means the same as those other damn bracelets. Nothing. But I understand if it is cool to wear those bracelets and save the world kinda stuff. Anyone who knows me knows that I have been on the outskirts of cool my whole life.