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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Enough Ron Wilson!!!

Luckily I was able to attend the Toronto, Tampa Bay game tonight thanks to my friend Rick Buckley who got very good tickets for me. That said I've officially had enough of Ron Wilson. This egomaniac deserves to be fired.

Let me explain

I have not jumped on him during the calls for his head recently. I assumed he was a good coach, that is until I witnessed tonight his ego get the best of him. Lets forget the fact he matched up the Leafs slowest defencemen Mike Komisarek against Steven Stamkos line all night which cost the Leafs 2 goals tonight. The 2nd by St. Louis in front of Gustavsson while Komisarek is at the hash marks leaving one of the top scorers alone was atrocious. Lets forget that.

The ego was shown with 12.8 seconds left, when Wilson called a timeout. I saw Stamkos bent over tired, since he had been on for 2 minutes, and St. Louis didn't look very energetic either, and yet Wilson calls a timeout!!! Why I ask Why? The Lightning had no timeouts as they already used one earlier to rest Stamkos's line. So he could change Tim Brent for Tyler Bozak. he called a timeout and still changed a line. All he did was use a timeout for the sake of doing it, and maybe some air time on TV. In the meantime he gave Stamkos and St.Louis a 40 second rest. Of course Stamkos with the new found energy hops on the face-off back to the point and Bobs your uncle!!

What bothers me even more is no one is saying the timeout was a bad decision. And of course Ron Wilson does like any good leader does and deflects to his players.... What a leader..

He blames his veterans, and Luke Schenn, and the guy serving the cokes, but heaven forbid his insane call of a timeout was any reason why they lost. If you were sitting beside me as I witnessed Stamkos sucking for air, I was screaming "No timeout". I saw in the greens what some high priced ahole behind the bench couldn't, and apparently what the press couldn't either. Ron Wilson is officially an asshole!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Take On The Leafs So Far

Well the Leafs so far can be summed up like this

" What the *&*^ is going on"

Look I wasn't expecting miracles. Even after a 4-0 start I suspected this team was a 500 team at best which would compete and hopefully improve over last year with some glimmers of hope. From what I've seen so far they are actually regressing in every position except goaltending.

Goaltending (B+)
I have been really impressed with Jonas Gustavsson. I think he has improved over last year with his patience and handling the puck. I think he is the real deal and the #1 goalie they have. I think the Leafs have no worry in net with his emergence and that of what looks like another promising young goalie in Jussi Rynnas. As for Giguere he has played well however he was the reason they lost the game to the Canucks and uttered. "I won't be losing any sleep over that goal". I think he should have!!!!

Defensmen (D-)

Complete and utter disappointment. Other then Luke Schenn it has been abysmal. It has been good to see Schenn get back confidence and play well, looks like the sophomore jinx that plagued him last year is gone. I have never seen Tomas Kaberle play this bad. He has been absolutely awful. Who knew no one was afraid of Dion Phaneuf. I thought he was this scary character that created fear in opponents. When I saw Tomas Plekanec pushing him around I assume the league has realized he isn't tough. I think he can be an important piece going forward but he is not tough! Francois Beauchamin has a knack of going for the 60 ft pass which results in a turnover or an icing. Mike Komisarek can't complete a 10 foot pass unless it is to the other team. I think his coaches through his hockey career have forgotten to tell him it is not a good idea to blindly throw a puck in front of his net! What is worse is when he setup a perfect one-timer for Mike Camalleri he called it lack of execution. I would suggest lack of brains. I am hoping Carl Gunarsson is in the same sophomore jinx that enveloped Schenn. Brett Lebda is putting a pretty convincing case forward for worst Maple Leaf of all time. I have no idea what position he plays and he has played 11 games with 0 points and is -10. What the fuck are you doing jumping into rushes when you have no offensive ability at all!!!!! Putting him in against Ottawa instead of Aulie is crazy logic to me!

Forwards (LOL)
As a collection of forwards they are by far the worst in the league I will go through them one by one.

Kessel - I don't get why Wilson rides him when he doesn't backcheck; the whole F'n team does not backcheck so why single Phil out. The only one on the Leafs with offensive talent. He has no one to play with. I like him. Obviously too much was given up for him but that's not his fault that's Brian Burke's fault.

Kulemin - The only forward on the Leafs who uses his body and strength and can forecheck. Seriously he is the only Leaf who can forecheck with any kind of success. I think he is a good solid forward and would benefit with any kind of centre with talent.

Orr - He does his job and crap he has more goals then 7 of the forwards on the Leafs. I think he has played well.

Grabovski - I see a joke. I know everyone including Wilson and Burke tell you how hard he tries. I see turnovers and lack of effort. It is amazing how when he lets Fisher go and doesn't backcheck he does not get benched, however when Kessel does the same thing benched. The difference Kessel has talent Grabovski is useless. Please explain the love affair Wilson has with him.

MacArthur - Mr. "October". Reminds me of Brian Savage. I see why Atlanta didn't sign him. He bails on every forecheck. King of the drop pass to the other team.

Kadri - I know he's young so I will cut him slack but unlike Cherry I see a coward on the ice. He might have talent, but he is plays scared. Unless he grows a set will be a bust!!!

Versteeg - I want Stahlberg back. They have the same amount of goals, while Stahlberg make less. Another coward on the ice, who takes bad penalties and is not held accountable by the coach. I am amazed every time he gets the puck on his stick he stops skating and just glides. Wacth him.

Bozak - I am hoping this is the same sophomore jinx Schenn had. Build him up as a #1 centre maybe pressure has gotten to him. He shows rays of talent and looks responsible defensively. What I don't like is every time he touches the puck he tries to get the puck to Kessel. He should be more greedy.

Brent - Please explain to me why this guy is in the NHL. He is supposed to be this smart defensive forward. Just in case anyone was looking he is -1 and on the 29th worst Penalty Killing Unit. Please explain this defensive genius to me. Every time he steps on the ice I know the Leafs won't score.

Sjostrom - Man can this guy skate. Man is this guy useless!!!!!!!!

Brown - see Sjostrom. Just better facial hair.

Zigomanis - While I am not as high on him as Don Cherry, he was a better Penalty Killer then Brent.

Armstrong - 8 games 1 goal no assists -2, and a coward. Please explain the 3 million a year to me! What I saw was lack of skating ability and a poor man's Matthew Barnaby. Maybe he might turn into a solid 4Th liner who can kill penalties.

Mitchell - 13 games 1 assist -2. Career 148 games 53 pts -25. Need I say anymore. He might get a point a game in a men's league team in the GTA!

Caputi - Other then the fact he can't skate, forecheck, shoot, fight, pass, I can see why the Leafs liked him so much. He is from Toronto right!!!!.

Brian Burke and Ron Wilson should instead of getting mad at all the media in Toronto should take a good look at how they have managed this team. I like them as people however there record is what they should be judged on.