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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tie Domi and Belinda Stronach

I will start off with my bias, and lay it on the table. I dislike Tie Domi. Tie Domi spelled differently is "Me Idiot" which leads to the story of his divorce proceedings and his apparent association with Belinda Stronach. I have disliked Tie ever since he joined the Leafs for the 2nd time when he was traded along with another joke Kris King (has a job measuring goalie pads...LOL) from Winnipeg. Tie Domi was a NHL player who used the PR department and Leafs Nation to carve out a career where a guy who averaged 7 goals a year gets a million dollar career. He is not a good NHL player, never was. He was a smaller guy with an iron head who could take some punches and throw some, Great! In the NHL thats a dime a dozen. Somehow though with a PR department that included Don Cherry he created this image that he was a major piece of the Maple Leafs. I will agree he was a major piece in Leaf history when he elbowed Scott Niedermayer and cost the Leafs a playoff run, or when he would facewash opponents for whatever reason and take costly penalties. I enjoy NHL fighting, but I like it as a part of the game, meaning Player X does something to Player Y, and Y stands up for himself, or another player to protect him from cheapshots. But as for Tie he would treat it like Boxing, and prearrange the fights, see Domi-Probert, and made it a circus. That is not hockey, and for all extents as a die hard Leaf fan I will say Tie Domi was not a good NHL player, he was a 4th liner at best who got paid as a 2nd liner, because he marketed himself properly not because he was any good at the game.

So I had a smile on my face when I saw the newspaper that Tie was accused of cheating on his wife with Belinda Stronach. Now I understand that Tie is not the first or last husband to be accused of this. I also understand that his wife will be getting a boatload of money she does not deserve, as I am sure without Tie she would not make $33,000 a month by herself. She was just able to have 3 kids and that meant motherload. However in this case Me Idiot and his PR machine might be reeling a bit. How do we spin this to make it loook like all Leaf Nation supports us. Maybe Don Cherry can do a plug for us. Maybe Glenn Healy, I am not sure. I actually hope he gets taken to the cleaners. The fact that TSN hired him, means that Sportsnet will get more viewing time from me as when Tie or Healy go on, I switch off. Maybe he can get another $25,000 gift from his brother Dash which wasn't a bribe, who knows.

As for Belinda Stronach, I laugh even louder. I remember reading a while ago when Belinda left Peter McKay, and joined the Liberal Cabinet that she did that because she couldn't morally be part of the Conservative party. She would not go against her morals I kept reading. Then when people bashed her for being a political tramp, feminists and her supporters woluld say that calling her a tramp is chauvinist and if a man did it he would not be called the same.

Lets first start with the morals. What morals of hers was she protecting? Was it the one where she belives it is OK to open her legs up to a married man. Was it the morals that I should not be with a man that looks like a troll with unibrow to boot. I mean I agree Belinda you need to protect those morals, as you are such a moral person. Quite a role model to be sure. Maybe while Tie was working on your campaign he signed some autographs for fans and supported you or threatened or whatever it is Tie is good for.

Second as for people getting upset that some refer to her as a bit of a how do you say it slut. 2 marriages, Peter McKay left to tend to his potato farm after being ditched for the Liberal Cabinet, close freind of Bill Clinton, and now with a married Tie Domi, I am sure we can all agree she is not a nun. You know the saying, if it looks like a skunk, smells like a skunk, well It's a skunk.

I always wondered why Belinda did not run for the Liberal leadership like she did for the Conservative leadership. I guess that was answered for me. Tough to answer the debate question. Belinda, is it true that you seriously were with Tie Domi, I mean seriously? Have you seen Tie, have you looked in a mirror? I mean come on.

Tough one to answer.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

More Reasons To Dislike Sid Ryan

I have to tell you as you might be aware I believe unions are a thing of the past and have a negative impact on growth of the manufacturing sector in Canada. I find it amazing that a person works in Canada for $25/hour and is performed more professionaly by a person in U.S.A for $14/hour and in Mexico for $5/hour, and we wonder why plants close and move. There is a joke where a guy goes into a gentlemen's club and asks if the strippers are unionized, he keeps looking until he finds a club that is, and finds a beautiful blond with a great body. He asks the owner for a lap dance. The owner says no and points to an 80 year old with no teeth, and states sorry we go by seniority here.

Anyways for people who don't know Sid Ryan is the leader of C.U.P.E which represents most government workers like teachers etc. It seems like government is the only place where unions can really sink there teeth into as for the most part government is so mismanaged the union can reap the benefits off taxpayers backs. Oh well, that is not why I am writing this.

I read earlier in the week that Sid Ryan is taking legal action against his Conservative opponent in Oshawa Colin Carrie for a pamphlet that was released that in a backhanded way accused Sid Ryan of being friendly with Sinn Fein, the political part of the IRA in Northern Ireland. Let's start with Sid Ryan's political career. he runs every year starting in Scarborough and moving his way to the heavily unionized city of Oshawa and on the way he continues to lose, and even turned the Ed Broadbent region into 2 Conservative wins. I mean he probably should get the hint that he is a "Loser". He is in an area where the NDP have done well, and by him running all of a sudden the region goes the opposite way. I wonder why, maybe because he is such a jackass even left leaning people can't stomach his bullshit.

Let's disregard my personal bias against this joke, Let's look at what I would be thinking if I was a member of C.U.P.E. Firstly the head of my union is trying to get another job and failing. Yet when he loses back he goes into being by Leader. So I have a Loser for a Leader that people do not respect. Yep the kinda guy I want negotiating for me alright. Secondly and most importantly, Let's say Sid has a case in the pamphlet. OK. That has nothing to do with union business. Agreed. Sid independently ran for an MP position and failed. He did this off of company business. So why in the F%^$ are his legal fees in this fight being paid by C.U.P.E. If I was a member (granted most are sheep) I would flip my lid. Why the hell do I go to work and work hard (granted thats laughable but it's all in the definition of what hard work means to you) so that Sid Ryan can fight a legal battle that has nothing to do with me, my union, or his representation. When he ran for the MP position he was not an active member of C.U.P.E, so why does he expect people to pay his battles for him? I have a guess. He is a thug, who tries to bully everyone with his Irish accent trying to sound smart when we know he is a moron.

You know I feel sorry for people who are forced into unions when that is the only way into what they want to do for a living. But I guess I don't feel sorry now if this kinda bullshit happens. Everyone in C.U.P.E, take your cheque and look for the union fees deductions, and realize that is going to your leader to fight a battle that has nothing to do with you. Fell all warm and fuzzy inside. I bet you do, want to know why, look in the mirror, looking back is a blind sheep allowing this joke to be your leader.