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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Enough Ron Wilson!!!

Luckily I was able to attend the Toronto, Tampa Bay game tonight thanks to my friend Rick Buckley who got very good tickets for me. That said I've officially had enough of Ron Wilson. This egomaniac deserves to be fired.

Let me explain

I have not jumped on him during the calls for his head recently. I assumed he was a good coach, that is until I witnessed tonight his ego get the best of him. Lets forget the fact he matched up the Leafs slowest defencemen Mike Komisarek against Steven Stamkos line all night which cost the Leafs 2 goals tonight. The 2nd by St. Louis in front of Gustavsson while Komisarek is at the hash marks leaving one of the top scorers alone was atrocious. Lets forget that.

The ego was shown with 12.8 seconds left, when Wilson called a timeout. I saw Stamkos bent over tired, since he had been on for 2 minutes, and St. Louis didn't look very energetic either, and yet Wilson calls a timeout!!! Why I ask Why? The Lightning had no timeouts as they already used one earlier to rest Stamkos's line. So he could change Tim Brent for Tyler Bozak. he called a timeout and still changed a line. All he did was use a timeout for the sake of doing it, and maybe some air time on TV. In the meantime he gave Stamkos and St.Louis a 40 second rest. Of course Stamkos with the new found energy hops on the face-off back to the point and Bobs your uncle!!

What bothers me even more is no one is saying the timeout was a bad decision. And of course Ron Wilson does like any good leader does and deflects to his players.... What a leader..

He blames his veterans, and Luke Schenn, and the guy serving the cokes, but heaven forbid his insane call of a timeout was any reason why they lost. If you were sitting beside me as I witnessed Stamkos sucking for air, I was screaming "No timeout". I saw in the greens what some high priced ahole behind the bench couldn't, and apparently what the press couldn't either. Ron Wilson is officially an asshole!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I said the same thing last night. I saw Stamkos sucking wind and turned to the stranger beside me and mentioned it. I then said, "we just lost this game". The puck is dropped and a now rested Tampa team ties the game.

Forget line matching for a second. Was there really anyone on the Leaf bench who could match up against a rested St Louis or Stamkos? Simple answer one, not a chance. So why let Tampa enjoy the luxury of a Leaf time-out with Tampa's top line so tired.

Furthermore based on what I have seen since Wilson has been in town, what plan could you possible be telling the Leaf team that is ground breaking or that they are capeable of executing? The Leaf time-out with the draw in their own end provided Tampa a rest and time to set up a planned play which they converted.

The loss against Tampa is totally at fault to Ron Wilson and he should be called up on it.

11:15 AM  

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