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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Is there such thing as Canadian pride?

   I took an excursion out in downtown Toronto on Canada  Day and was very disheartened at what I saw.  It was Canada Day yet I saw more Greece and Portugal Flags then I did Canadian ones.  Granted both Greece and Portugal were going to play for the Euro 2004 Cup but it was Canada Day for gods sake.  Why do people who were born in this country think they are from where there parents or grandparents were born.  While listening to the Fan 590 after Greece won the Cup I could only laugh when some moron was saying how great it was that his country won the Cup.  When asked where he was born he replied Toronto?????????  Had he ever visited Greece, NO he replied.  In my case my father was born in Scotland.  If I was asked; I don't answer I am Scottish, as that commercial goes even though I hate the beer I AM CANADIAN.  It is great that in Canada we celebrate different cultures but people need to remember you live in Canada and enjoy all the freedoms that come with it.  I hate to break the news to people but if you live in Canada, you are not Finnish,Swedish, Scottish, English, Greek, etc.  You are a Canadian, and take some pride in it.  Take those Greece flags off your car and put a Canadian one with it.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Ontario Voters

One thing that needs to be said after what I deem a disappointing result in the past weeks federal election. Ontario and maybe for the most part all Canadians are the best damn complainers in the world, but when it comes to doing something about it, we fail miserably. It really is a disgrace, and I am sure that when the Liberal government lies, and fails to implement there hell or high water promises the same people who voted for the Liberals will again start complaining. If you didn't vote or you voted for these crooks YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN.

I also laugh (although it is more scary then funny) when people who voted for Paul Martin are asked why they did they answer because Stephen Harper scared me. What did Stephen Harper do to scare you? "Well I read in the news, or Paul Martin said, or The Toronto Star editor said he was going to take away abortion!" Well that is all poppycock and the voters who voted Liberal because they are scared of Stephen Harper are nothing but sheep. If you didn't vote for Harper because you disagreed with his policies..Fine. But I guarantee you most voters had no idea what is policies were. They only heard he was going to take away abortion, and gay marriage, which was totally False. Ontario is again responsible for this sham of a government again. The only good thing is my riding is Blue not Tax Hungry red.