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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Baseball - A Joke Once Again

When it was learned this week that Rafael Palmeiro tested positive for a steroid I was shocked......Yeah right. Of course he was using steroids. You don't go from averaging 16 HRs and 63 RBI, to averaging 38 Hrs and 113 RBI's overnight. Of course he only started doing better after being traded to Rangers and meeting Canseco. I guess that is just a coincidence. Or that's right Jose Canseco is a disgusting human being who lies right. Hmmm wasn't it just 6 months ago this guy told congress he Never has done steroids. Then after being caught he says he did not put it into his body intentionally, Maybe it was a supplement?

Well here's the facts

1. He was caught with the same drug Ben Johnson was using. Remember the Who framed Ben Johnson? Of course I have more respect for Ben Johnson because everyone in the race was on roids. He just got caught, Oh yeah so did Carl Lewis, but he bought his way out of it, Oh thats another story. The fact is you can not have this steroid in your system through a supplement. That means he KNOWINGLY took it.

2. He was a caught a month ago, and Baseball the assinine sport that it is kept it hush hush until Palemeiro got his 3000th hit. What a crock of crap (Stolen from gretzky). Talk about protecting its players. And to think baseball fans snub there noses down at hockey violence and its supposed light suspensions. This guy only gets 10 days. He should be gone for life. That would get rid of Baseballs steroid problem. But they wouldn't do that. They need those Big Homeruns. What a joke. Baseball fans are as idiotic a fan you will ever meet, right up with the "Dah, Gee wiz Skeeter no crash today" Nascar fan.

3. Kind of ironic Barry sat out this year, and oh yeah now looks like the Barry Bonds of 1992. Hmm coincidence, ahhhhh NO!

And just for good measure

If it looks like a skunk, and smells like a skunk, Well god damn it, its probably a SKUNK.

Palmeiro your a liar, and hopefully will never get to go in the Hall of Fame.
But you certainly can join the Hall Of Frauds.