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Monday, February 21, 2005

Larry King Trophy Winner For Week Of Feb 14th - Irwin Cotler

Well another week and another Larry King Trophy award winner. Most people would think after the disgusting display by the NHLPA and there talking heads on TV; Glenn Healy and Nick Kypreos that I would lean to giving the award to the NHLPA. While they are deserving, one person stepped up this week and made a statement so assinine that I could not in good conscience ignore it. Irwin Cotler the Justice Minister, step right up and claim your award. The NHLPA will be dealt with in an article, I will post when my blood pressure comes back to normal.

Why does Mr. Cotler receive the Trophy? After another weekend in Toronto where 4 people were shot Chief Julian Fantino and even the Ontario Attorney General Micheal Bryant called to Ottawa, rightfully asking that stiffer sentences be handed down on people who carry illegal guns. Keep in mind how much money (1 billion, when originally forecasted at 1 million) has poured into a gun registry program that only punishes people who legally carry arms, and was supposed to dwindle the amount of illegal arms on the street. How does Irwin Cotler answer the request?

"We are concerned whenever there is an outbreak of violence, but we don't enact laws in response to a particular event, however regrettable and tragic it is for the victims."

An EVENT, Irwin you piece of crap if you haven't paid attention the increase of violence with weapons has been staggering in the past couple years. Regreattable to the Victims? When have you passed a law that gives Victims not Criminals rights? And heaven forbid the Federal Governement react to something so minor as illegal guns and violence when there is more important things to tend to like Gay Marriage Rights!!!!!! Mr. Cotler that comment is about the dumbest thing I have heard from a Liberal this year, and that is a challenge. There should be mandatory STIFF sentences for anyone who is in possession of an unregistered deadly weapon. There also should be minimum 10 year sentences to anyone who commits a crime with a deadly weapon. But Irwin doesn't want to react quickly, well thats no surprise coming from the fact he is a Liberal under Paul "Ditherer" Martin.

Simply put Irwin in a language even your moronic brain could understand. People don't carry 9mm's, or automatic weapons to go hunting for deer! They are carrying them with intention of carrying out significant harm to another human. That is a crime. Punish them accordingly, and give the police some help in fighting this battle. Oh I know you completed a 2 year study that states harsher sentences don't necessarily lower crime rates. But since the government you work for can't stop foreign illegal immigrants associated with gangs from entering this country, the least you can do is give the police the tools to combat them. I wonder if you would have made the same comment if one of your family members was hit with a bullet while leaving a grocery store?

While you go ahead and table your "Landmark" non-important "Adam and Steve" bill, and ignore real problems like gun violence; Irwin Cotler, I got a present for you. The Larry King Trophy for the week of Feb 14th 2005. Congratulations AHole.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Larry King Award For the Week of Feb 7th - Sean Avery

I have decided to award a Larry King trophy every week. You might ask what does the Larry King Trophy stand for? Well it ain't a good thing. Larry King, who is by far the worst interviewer in the history of TV, decided to go on a local sportstation FAN 590 and give away the ending to Million Dollar Baby, a movie that had not been released yet. What FAN 590 was thinking putting this doofus on is a good question. Larry, who is currently working on his what 12th marriage I guess, decided he wanted to show how popular a guy he is that he got to see the premiere and gives away the ending to the movie. Way to go Larry you are so popular, just like when you claim to be friends with Sandy Koufax, and he doesn't know you. However Larry does throw a wrench in the evolution theory of man descending from apes, because if you look at Larry you could reasonably state that we were derived from amphebians. The man looks like a frog, and is a complete a-hole. So without further ado the Larry King trophy for this week goes to......Sean Avery a forward for the LA Kings who scored 9 goals last year, hell I scored more then that when I was single, and trust me I am no Brad Pitt.

Why does Sean Avery get the award? Well Sean Avery decided to give a intervew this week, his first mistake. He then gives his take on his trip to Finland. He says it was too dark and cold and wasn't much of a vacation, plus he scored 3 goals in 2 days so the league isn't that good. Well Sean if you did score 3 goals in 2 games, I will agree that the League must suck, but I didn't know being locked out should be a vacation. Secondly he says he will be worth 2 million. Are you on crack? 9 goals a year gets you 2 million, no wonder the NHL is out of control, and for that reason Sean, the NHL will shutdown and get a cap to make sure your dumb ass won't get that money and I support them. You then state you are going to the UHL which mind you has a SALARY CAP, the same bloody thing your fighting against right now you F'n hypocrite. When asked aren't you taking away another job from a career minor leaguer who hasn't made the amount of money you make in a week you say They should work harder! Are you kidding me? Sean maybe you can work harder and get someTALENT so the NHL games are watchable. Your the type of player who has NO talent and hooks and grabs and scrapes. Then when asked about having too many teams, you say they can cut teams and get rid of mediocre European players who come over to play. So the medicore european player is the problem, well sorry Sean "Harold Ballard" Avery if I don't agree with you. Heh jackass maybe the Swedish elite league is saying the same thing right now that there is too many medicore North american players in the league. And Sean to even lump yourself in the mediocre player is a strecth, you are the Wade Belak of the Kings. here's hoping someone in the UHL knocks you out, or when the NHL starts with a SALARY CAP, you are left in the dust.

So Sean I am dusting it off right know the First Ever Larry King trophy is presented to you. A big F-You to Sean "No Hands" Avery.