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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Liberals Media Control

I am fascinated by the spin the Liberal Party can put on anything. There were 4 byelections held on Monday, of which 3 were in urban centres, which features most of our left wingers wet dreams for voters. Really the worst of the worst. They think they are intellectuals because they want to help everybody, and yet these so called "Big" thinkers reward dismal performances any time they have a chance.

Anyways the Liberals owned all 4 seats, and only won 3 back and were nearly beat in Vancouver Centre and they call this a victory? I mean I don't make up this shit. It was a victory to win 3 of your 4 seats back. LOL. I mean I heard Martha Hall Findlay say this was a message from Canadians that they don't like Harper. What the hell? Let me gets this right, the Liberals owned 4 seats before the byelections. They now own 3. The Conservatives actually got more votes then before, and the message was the Conservatives are failing. Am I missing something?

Well considering this comes from a party that has annoited Bob Rae the birghtest man in there party I should not be surprised. Maybe someone should look at Ontario from 1990 to 1994 and what happened to this province under the so called genius of Bob Rae and explain why any party would even consider this asshole a genuine candidate. That is until I forgot that Canadians reward people who underperform. I mean am I a fuckin moron or does anyone remember Rae Days, social contract, 90's depression in Ontario. Or all Ontarioans for the most part idiots?
Can someone please explain why Bob Rae should be considered for anything other then a janitor? Seriously please explain, I am in need of some enlightening.

Mats Sundin - Not A Winner

This season for the Leafs has been to say the least depressing. Firstly to watch the march of the Leafs to finish 9th, the definition of the "Asshole Cup", you know where you don't qualify for the playoffs or the draft lottery is disgusting. The Leafs have wrapped up the Asshole Cup for the previous 2 years with late season surges for absolutely no reason. I have wondered in the past why these results are OK, and I believe you need to look no further then the "Country Club" atmosphere on the team led by this so called leader "Mats Sundin". Why do so called disgraces like McCabe, Kubina, and Tucker want to stay in Toronto? Why do Toronto fans, who for the most part think they understand hockey, not boo McCabe and Kubina every time they touch the puck? Why is the ACC sold out every night even though the team is one of the softest collection of losers ever assembled? Easy answer, It's a country club!!!

Think your Darcy Tucker, who at best is a good grinder, and does work hard. This year you hit the wall harder then Bridgette Nielsen has, and refuse a trade from a losing team to a winning team. Why do you do this? Because you love the Leafs? Bullshit. The reason you do this is your not held accountable for your horrible play. Who is holding you accountable , your captain? Laughable. I know I am Mats Sundin, I haven't won a Stanley Cup and I tell management No I don't want to win a Cup I would rather be done in April and retire to my cottage in Sweden, What kinda of attitude is that for a leader? It's a loser attitude. Now you expect the other players to be upset about not making the playoffs with a guy who thinks a gold medal is better then a Stanley Cup? With that kind of leadership maybe Mats should run for the Liberals.

In Toronto right now the Inmates are running the asylum. They let a coach like Paul Maurice who knows he needs to win every game to keep his job, and you leave him in and wonder why Tosakala starts 23 straight games. Because he gives you the best chance to win. There are 3 things certain in life, Death, Taxes, and Raycroft starting=Loss. Raycroft should start every game from now on in, as they have no chance at making the playoffs, but no we get 23 straight Tosakla starts, because hell if we don't win the Asshole Cup for the 3rd straight year. Until someone comes in who is a Leader the Leafs are destined for this bullshit mediocrity.

For a fan like me It's just sad!!! I wish Fletcher had a bigger set, and tell Maurice your fired anyways put Raycroft in.