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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Bryan McCabe "The Scarecrow"

I dislike Bryan McCabe. What the funniest thing about him is that he thinks he is relevant!

First off he may be the most overrated defensemen in the league right now. I call him the Scarecrow for a reason. "If he only had a brain". Does he have talent? Yes. But he can't think. His braincramp plays are a regular event of a Toronto Maple Leafs game. The fact he is a player’s rep for the TML in the NHLPA speaks volumes to the mentality of the Leafs, and might speak to the disgusting way the NHLPA has acted so far. He made a comment awhile ago that a million dollars was not a lot of money, and while that was stupid, his most recent comment about Gary Bettman proves he is dumb. I might not be a doctor but my diagnosis is Bryan has a touch of the Downs.

He says that Gary Bettman wouldn’t know him if he tripped over him. Heh Bryan hate to burst that ego bubble you got going on but 99.999999999999% of the American Public doesn’t have a clue who you are either. And yet your NHLPA is negotiating a deal like the NHL is a top draw.

His next comment is classic “Bettman doesn’t know about hockey, he is a basketball man.” Bryan, you disgusting moron, what in the f’n hell do you know about Collective Bargaining????????????. Comments like this drive the public mad. I know one thing Bryan, without the owners and the NHL you would not have a job. Take that into account. Your mentality does not bode well for you in getting a job after hockey, Although I hear the Burger King in Toronto is looking for a hell of a janitor. You might fit the bill perfectly.

By the way Bryan how was that Swedish stint –12 and benched, and could you belive the audacity of that team to expect Bryan to stay in Sweden a couple of days over Christmas. Wow an employer expecting an employee to do his job, Crazy!

Monday, December 13, 2004

My take on the NHL Lockout

As the owners and players prepare to meet tomorrow, I felt it appropriate that I share my views on this subject. I know some of you who know me will wonder why it took me so long to comment on this issue. The answer is simple. The process stinks, and the way the NHLPA and players act is disgusting. Let me explain why Bettman should reject the proposal the players gave him and ask for a hard salary cap, or at the least a Luxury Tax with bite.

Gary Bettman did the right thing at the beginning of this process; He told the owners to be quiet, and it worked. The players on the other hand spoke out about how hard done by they are, and that Bettman is the devil. I will rank my top 3 comments by the players so far.

Mike Modano offers up this beauty when asked if going to the minors for a $1000 a week paycheck is an option.
"$1000 a week wouldn't be enough to take care of my dog"

Scott Niedermayer who got 7 million from a judge (I will address this later)
" I believe in capitalism, and a free market" Well Scott how does a union fit into that?

The gem of all gems though belongs to Robert Esche;
"It doesn't matter if they offer a $200 million dollar salary cap we would still turn it down" Oh just beautiful, and this guy is a players rep!! Unbelievable.

By keeping quiet the owners easily won the PR battle because they realize the public for the most part can't comprehend making this amount of money. So when the McCabe's(How was Sweden -12 in 10 games sounds right for the Scarecrow), Drapers, and Doan's of this world mouth off, the public gets upset.

Now let's look at how the NHLPA has negotiated so far. First Mr. Goodenhow goes and hides for 3 months and then after all that time away he comes back to the table with a 24% reduction in salaries on all existing contracts. Johnny "Misinformed" Public goes WOW that's a really big concession. I say it is BS. Why? There are only 100 or so players with contracts that have a maximum of 3 years left on it. So when those contracts are up, are you telling me the Rangers, Leafs, Red Wings of the NHL will stop outbidding each other? The union is banking they won't. Let's say the Leafs have a payroll of 60 million currently. A 24% reduction would take it down to around 44 million. With the legion of Leafs fans (I sadly am one) yelling and screaming about how much the Leafs make, will John Ferguson stay with a 44 million dollar payroll? Answer is NO. He will go out and spend 15 million on washed up players, and bring the payroll back to 60 million again. Again that is what the union is banking on. The Glenn Healy's and Nick Kypreos of this world can go on and on about what a great "significant" move this was, but they lack an objective or intelligent mind. How does the NHLPA offer stop the systemic issues? It doesn't

Here I offer my personal opinion of what the NHL counter proposal should look like. Keep in mind Scott Niedermayer's comments and that of most players which is the owners control the market and price, and the players believe in capitalism and free market. Right now the owners have no control, so let me put forth my ideas.

1. Take the 24% rollback. The NHLPA offered, I would accept this
2. Goodbye salary arbitration. That's right you NHLPA imbeciles you feel the owners can control the costs, well let's make that so. The problem with salary arbitration is that for example the Rangers sign Holik for 9 million. Now some bum like Shane Doan gets the same numbers as Holik in a year where his contract is up. He is to young for free agency, so he applies for arbitration and a judge looks at the fact he has similar stats to Holik who makes 9 million. Does the owner determine the salary? NO. A judge does, so how does that fit into the Niedermayer statement? It doesn't. Let's let the owners control there costs and abolish salary arbitration. With salary arbitration, the mistake of one owner can cost all the other 29 teams dearly.
3. Keep the rookie cap the NHLPA proposed. Oh did I say cap, I thought the NHLPA doesn't like caps. Ahh but it is the old union way, Screw the young guys!!!!!, well if I read a union right everyone is equal so if the rookies get a cap so does everyone else, it makes everybody equal right Bob.
4. I would setup a real Luxury Tax system, not one that pays 20 cents on every dollar over 45 million. It would look like this
Any dollar spent over 35 million would be taxed 200%, any over 45 million would be 300%, and you could not go over 60 million (capped).
5. Lower the age for free agency to 27.
6. Have non guaranteed contracts. Would prevent Alex Mogilny syndrome. One good year every 3 years, you know when the contract is up.

What the NHLPA has to face is that Hockey is not a top 4 sport. Actually the PBA and World Series of Poker outdraw it in the States. The majority of the revenue is through gate sales and merchandising. If the most successful leagues in the world can tie revenues to expenses, why can't the NHL. Well tomorrow should be the end to the 2004-2005 season, as Gary is not dumb enough to not hold out for the control the owners need in the CBA to properly run this league.

While Tom "How the hell am I in the NHL" Fitzgerald goes off about how that will make the NHLPA stronger, I will wait for the 2005-2006 season with replacement players. I can hear it know, Bob Cole saying "Harold Druken to Lonny Bohonos, to Kyle Wellwood, He scores." FANTASTIC!!!!!