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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bryan "Scarecrow" McCabe at work again

I for one respect Paul Maurice as a coach. I have found since he took over from the Phat One, the Leafs have improved there team speed and overall conditioning. Rarely in the last 2 years have I seen the Leafs outworked in a game. However that being said I am really relying on Paul Maurice doing the right thing for the team and benching the NO BRAIN A-Hole they have on defence who's name is the "Scarecrow" If I only had a brain! Bryan McCabe. Is he mentally retarded or is it just me?

Anyone who has had a conversation with me in the last 5 years will know How much I hate Bryan McCabe. If there was a definition of brain-dead in the dictionary Bryan McCabe's retarded face would be the picture. Never in the history of the NHL has there been a D-man with a little talent as McCabe does have, and the absence of a thought. He is plain and simple a friggin joke.

The test will be on Maurice once Carlo C returns to the team will Paul do then right thing and bench McCabe as he is a worthless piece of shit. This will test the mettle of a coach I respect. I hope he does the right thing and send McCabe up to fetch popcorn for the real hockey players on the Leafs. Bryan was on for 5 goals of which 3 were caused by his direct brain farts. Please for the Love of everything that is holy in this utterly F'ed up world I hope Bryan Mccabe gets a condition which does not allow him to skate again so I do not have to witness his boneheaded plays anymore.

By the way Kris Newbury, and Wade Belak when you only play 5 minutes and are -2 please think the Marlies are a stones throw away



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