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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ian White and Best Tiger Joke So Far

Firstly Ian White. Do I hate Ian White....No, Do I think Ian White can play in the NHL....barely but yes, so why am I going to rant about Ian White. Well really its of no fault of his own that I will write this rant. I am sick and tired of hearing Greg Millen, Craig Simpson, Gord Stellick, and Ian's mom (just joking) going on about how much of a surprise Ian White is and that he has made himself into a top 4 NHL Dman.

Ian White is a 4th DMan as I am to chiseled body. He is a Dman with a nice shot, no physical ability to win pucks in his own end, a penchant for making the worst pinches the league has ever seen since Chris Kotsopolous, and no ability to adapt to the game in front of him.

If you want an example watch the Pittsburgh game last Saturday. He is on against the Sidney Crosby line, and completes 2 pinches where he neither gets the puck or the body to create odd man rushes. After this shift you would think maybe crap I should hang back, but no Ian can't grasp the concept and goes on to pinch at will creating chances not in the offensive end but his end. He then proceeds to trip on his own goalie to create a goal.

Again I don't hate Ian White, I hate the idiot announcers who have crowned him this star of the team, when he is the very reason they are where they are in the standings. Ian White is lucky he is in the NHL as far as I am concerned.

As for the Tiger Joke

If we were playing gentleman's golf wouldn't we just give Tiger and 8 and move on to the next hole?


Anonymous slugger said...

If we were playing gentleman's golf we would give Tiger a 15 and move on to the 16th hole instead of an 8 as you stated. Remember he had 14 women plus his wife that makes 15 holes.

9:07 PM  

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