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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Larry King Award Winner for week of April 18th - Paul Martin

While I believe if I ever hand out a Lifetime Larry King Acheivement Award the frontrunner would definately be Paul Martin, I have decided to give it to Mr. Dithers this week. Why you ask?

Well Let's see. Firstly I am grateful that I was in Nashville last week and didn't have to watch a sitting Prime Minister go on TV and beg the public for another year until the Gomery Inquiry is over. What a joke. Let me get this right Mr. Dithers, or I guess we could call you Mr. Gotti as you are the head of a criminal enterprise, you want to wait until the Gomery Inquiry of how the Public was bilked out of 250 million dollars so that Liberal friendly French Canadians and the Liberal party itself could make some money is finished. How F'n Noble of you asshole. The wire brush that will clean this mess up right. Let's go back to Fall 2003, when this scandal was first starting. You started the Gomery Inquiry and promised you would get to the bottom of it quickly, and we would learn everything we needed to know before an election. Oh but wait what did you do Paul? You called an early election so that the public would go to the polls before even a word was spoken in the Gomery inquiry. I wonder why you did that? And now you have the nerve to ask the other parties to hold off an election for 10 months. Who are you Jean Chretien? The guy you claimed to be the anthesis of.

Now let's look at you actions. You gave Mr. Chretien a standing ovation for his golf ball fiasco at the Gomery Inquiry. Old Jeanny Poutine basically showed no respect for the Candian public or the Gomery Inquiry at all, and you applaud this. Now you say it is important to finish the Inquiry, hoping upon hope the Canadian public will forget that a criminal enterprise is its sitting government. While I don't disagree that the majority of Canadians are that dumb, I think it is more then fair that we get to go to the polls immediately. So get out your hate ads ready and start telling us how when Mr. Harper is PM we will become the USA, and will not be able to get healthcare, and Abortion will be legal etc. etc. A little old mine you, but to immigrants you just let waltz in to this country and live of taxpayers it will be new, and a vote.

I also see you are talking to the NDP party about taking away tax cuts to medium sized business. Fantastic, let's take out all the incentives to be successful, and lets make a deal with a communist to assure power for 10 more months. Great what a fantastic leader. I wonder why Canada is having a "Brain Drain" Hmm. What is the incentive to work hard and be successful only to have the money taken away from you and given to a golf course in Shawinigan owned by a former PM, or to CSL which our current PM still has a stake in. I wonder why the smart people are leaving this country, or the fact there is no pride in being a Canadian. With leadership like Mr. Martins it really is hard to fathom isn't it? Eventually I see myself leaving Canada to become successful as it is damn near impossible with the Liberals leading the way. Hell I would be out already if it were not for family commitments.

To make matters worse 27% of Canadians would still vote for the Liberal mafia, and another 21% for a Communist Party. Something like 65% of Canadians want to wait for the Gomery Inquiry to be over, therefore out of mind, when the next election is called. What a fantastic country of morons this is. Chew on this quote "If the public is all sheep what makes the powerful not become wolves?"

I also respected this comment Paul "My advisors were telling me to bury the scandal and keep it low profile and not have an Inquiry" Great so your advisors, the Liberal Party, were telling you to bury this scandal and to not inform the public. Sounds like the kinda people I want cleaning up the mess, don't you?

Anyways while your induction to the Larry King Hall of Fame is assured, I will first start off by giving you the trophy, Paul Martin, you f'ng asshole!!! and an honourable mention to the 27% of the sheep who would still vote for the Liberals.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Larry King Trophy Winner for week of Mar 28th - Pat O'Brien

The winner this week Pat O'Brien. Who is Pat O'Brien. Well first of all he is a supposed journalist. He has a show called The Insider which delves into Entertainment News. You know the guy who reports to desparate housewives with no life the fact that Jennifer Anniston dyes her hair a slighter tinge of blonde. I mean that crap is important. He also asks guys like Sean Penn there views on life, like we give a flyin f what these aholes think. One of these days I will do a good rant on shows like Entertainment Tonight, but I am not giving Pat O'Brien the award for being an entertainment reporter, although there is significant cause too. I am giving the award to Pat for his hysterical phone messages to an unknown woman who I think he works with. If you haven't heard it let me give you an overview, he calls a girl up completely trashed and goes on to tell her he will f*&& her about 100 times, and mentions the fact she is so F'n hot, and he wants to get a hooker some coke and party. I mean the thing is so funny, he even mentions to her that he would like to watch her 'F" his girlfriend. You can download the call at It is one of the funniest things you will ever hear. So if I laughed so hard at him, why should I give him the award. Fair Question, Answer

1. He broke the rule that was stated in the movie Sideways. Don't Drink And Dial. It never turns out good. Suprisingly ex-girlfriends or women somehow don't like to get called at 2:30 am and be asked "Hey What are you doing?"

2. Never, ever write a letter, leave phone messages, or e-mail anything to any woman, because if you think they will not use it against you, your sadly wrong. Why leave proof of stupidity. Pat now has to live with the fact everyone has heard his mistake.

It was announced after this message was released that Pat has now checked into a rehab clinic. So the reason he gets the trophy this week is because this will be his schedule once he gets out of rehab.

1. Call Barbara Walters. Get Interview Booked
2. He will cry and apologize and throw out the "I found God" line. He will state he made a mistake and it will never happen again.
3. Become a spokesperson for AA.
4. Go on the Letterman/Leno show and make a joke about it. The I made a mistake line will come out again.
5. Get job back

It's a joke. Most of us who harrass a girl like this, and admit doing coke would get some significant jail time, but does Pat? No he checks himself into a rehab clinic, and will have his job back in 3 months. Since Pat will get no jail time, I figure I could give him something to treasure. The Larry King Trophy. Congrats and keep the messages coming.