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Friday, January 27, 2006

My Take On The Leafs Losing Streak

Wow panic has set in. I am a big fan of, and I just read an interesting article by Howard Berger. I for the most part enjoy Howard's view, and respect him as a journalist. I also respect anyone who goes after the Know It All Midget Al Strachan who hasn't wrote a decent hockey article in my 28 years on this earth, However;

I get sick and tired of Berger's slant that all Maple Leaf fans are delirious, and lunatics. Are there some? Of course, but why must he always write an article saying the "Leaf Nation" is this emotional mess, the likes that haven't been seen since Anna Nicole had her last shot of heroin.

Maybe I am one of this lunatics Berger refers too, however as I stated earlier I thought the Leafs would be life and death to make the playoffs, and guess what, that's where they are. So am I surprised they struggle against fast teams? No! Have they overacheived? No, Have they underacheived? I think they have.. and when a team underacheives who should be held responsible? Coach? Yes GM? Yes CEO, I wish but with Tricky Dick Peddie at the top, who the hell knows?

Anyways lets look at the coaching ability of Quinn. This team doesn't play any semblence of a gameplan, It's go out there guys and just do what you do? With veterans this could work? With geezers mixed in with rookies It's a recipe for disaster. Jason Allison is the worst player the Leafs have had since Chris Kotsopolous donned his skates. I mean I don't think I have ever seen a player get a goal and an assist on the same play; of course the problem was it was for the opposition team. They talk of him controlling the boards...LOL He hasn't won a battle on the boards this year, He is weak, not a good playmaker, maybe the slowest skater in the NHL, and looks to me like he has taken one to many shots to his head. And yet if I ask you which Leaf forward gets the most Ice time? What would you guess? that's right the Human Giveaway Machine? Allison. So who the hell gives this god damn disgrace of a hockey player that ice time? Quinn. Why does Allison average more ice time then Sundin? You tell me Pat? Maybe Jason is servicing Quinn in the shower, or he has pictures? I don't know. But you should be able to see on the ice who is playing well and who isn't and adjust Ice Time accordingly. If a player is -3 with a goal for the opposition do you reward him with ice time? Quinn does, simply put Bad coaching.

So now let's look at the geezer Belfour. He gives up 2 AHL goals a game, has forgotten how to handle the puck, and generally is maybe the worst starting goalie in the NHL right now. Telquist, the backup has been surprisingly good this year, yet who gets most of the starts? You got it Belfour.

If you had the numbers in front of you who do you go with

A. 18-18-3 Save Percentage 0.878 GA 3.46
B. 5-2-1 Save Percentage 0.917 GA 2.63

Hmmm I will choose B for $500 Alex, yet who does Pat go with? "A". It makes no sense. And remember they have won 1 in the last 9 and guess who was in net? Here's a hint Not Belfour.

I will be at the Mtl-Tor game tomorrow in a battle of the 2 best teams in the NHL right now....LOL and am hoping Telquist gets the start.

In fairness I also realize that without Tucker, Lindros and McCabe in the lineup the Leafs are an AHL team, but to say Quinn is a great coach, is not correct.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Buzz Hargrove Is The Man

Anyone who knows me will know how little I think of Buzz Hargrove. The man has made a living robbing from workers he supposedly protects, and usually casts his ugly shadow once every 2 years to attack the Big Three Auto Makers. Oh sorry I forgot since Buzz is such a revolutionary and good for our economy, the Big Three are now down to the Big 3rd, 4th, and 5th, and lets be honest the CAW has a lot to do with the decline. When a janitor makes more then an engineer your design is a little flawed. I always ask myself what the workers are drinking to not realize the money he makes for them is then siphoned off by him to enjoy a nice plush office, and the ability to only work 4 weeks out of 2 years. Seniority instead of intelligence always good.....However I digress..

Buzz was on my Top 10 list of People I Want To Punch In The Face. As a matter of fact he was in the Top 5, however after his act last week I have taken him off the list. I love him for getting Paul Martin to use him as a supporter, and then in a genius move with Pauly by his side he states that he supports a seperatist party (Bloc) over the Conservatives. Having Buzz Hargrove support you for PM is like having Micheal Jackson support you as a good babysitter. I mean I don't make this up, I can't, Do you know who's name starts with an H and ends in a R and has 6 letters like Harper it's Hitler, ready to try radical ethnic cleansing of gays in our cities like Mike Harris....Oh wait sorry I got caught up in one of the Liberals positive ads.

So Buzz would like to see Quebecs vote in a seperatist group, instead of Conservatives or I guess Liberals Hmmmm... Interesting, and this guy supports Martin and his buddy in this election. So Paul why don't you delve into whether you like old Buzz's support now. And I have said before, If you saddle up to a skunk, expect to get sprayed. So how's the smell Paul you old goat.

And just like the last election Paul Martin is spewing the Hidden agenda, although in one debate he said that The Conservatives agenda isn't hidden, but in the Liberals world that's semantics. I see now that he speaks of abortion, a US state, Soldiers in our cities, well hell with a Conservative government Canada will become the next Rwanda right Paul. Its just plain garbage and simply put shows what a disgusting dumb man will do when he is desperate. Although Ontario voters in the past have proven how dumb they are, but to be fooled for a second time would be pushing it, at least I hope.

Remember this Paul when you are hopefully done with politics on Monday. Your legacy will be what? Of an old wrinkled man with no values who sat on a fence on every issue, didn't accomplish anything although he promised everything, blamed and mocked the US and truly showed what Lack of Leadership is all about. But heh he solved that gay marriage thing. What a legacy. Congrats!!!

P.S. It is a great treat to watch and listen to left wingers when they are down and out. And they call right wingers radicals.....LOL