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Monday, May 28, 2007

Please Retire Bob Cole

I just finished watching a period of the Sens-Ducks and had to put my TV on mute as the announcers, Bob Cole, Harry Neale, and Greg Millen were driving me to drink. Bob Cole made at least 20 mistakes in the period, with him saying the Ducks were offside in the neutral zone as the standout. It was a penalty on the Ducks for high sticking, and when the replay shows that the stick never made contact with the Sens player, which shows the refing is no better in the Stanley Cup final then it is all year, Harry Neale points out how foolish a penalty it is....What....If the Ducks player had made contact I would agree. Bob then goes on to credit Mike Comrie with the first goal, even after the replay clearly shows he didn't score. 10 minutes later he says "It looked like he touched it, He certainly tried" What the F%^&. He then says the Sens scores when the puck is in the corner of the rink. States the Ducks gave it away when actually the Sens carried it in, and shows all the excitement of someone meeting me the first time when he announces any Ducks shots. Let's not forget Harry Neales joke about a 'Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back"
My open call to CBC Please fire these guys!


Friday, May 25, 2007

Ottawa - Canada's Team.....LOL GO DUCKS GO!

As my articles have stated before, I am a die-hard Leafs fan, which in itself has caused many health issues. I hate everything about the Sens except for the fact I took a couple of players in my playoff pool. The Sens and there fans drive me nuts. Firstly what a shock at the amount of Sens fans that have come out of the woodwork. I mean wasn't it a year ago, Muckler should have been fired, Murray is a horrible coach, Alfredsson is a joke for letting Pominville get around him, and now all of a sudden these guys are the next coming of Christ. It is just like last year when everyone became an Oilers fan. It's ridiculous. Bandwagon jumping is just shameful. The arguement I am cheering for Ottawa because I want the Cup in Canada is about as assinine as it comes. Both teams have 14 Canadian players on there lineups. Plus having the Cup in Ottawa and having to watch a parade through Toronto's ugly cousin would just be too much for me to swallow.

Any person who considers himself or herself a Leaf fan should never cheer for the Senators. This is the team that pressures CBC to fire Don Cherry because he had a bias against the Sens. This is the team that tried to take money from the taxpayers so they could stay in Ottawa. This is the team that had to have a free Eagles concert to attract season ticket holders. This is the team that get smoked in the playoffs by the Leafs every time they play. Which brings me to the fact the Sens are still that team that has all the skill in the world, and is still the team that can get bullied. The Leafs didn't beat the Sens because they had more talent. They did it by smacking them in the face and watching the Sens disappear. So far the Sens have played the Pens, Devils, and Sabres and have looked incredible. What do the Pens, Devils, and Sabres have in common. They haven't hit anything in April and May.

The Ducks will hit the Sens and my prediction is the Sens will disappear quicker then a cold Blue on a hot summer day. Ducks in 5. I will celebrate with a nice Cuban, and some Johnny Walker "Blue" and watch all those so-called Sens fans bail off the wagon. Too see the Sens get so close and fail will warm my heart.