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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Steve Simmon's Has A Man Crush

I think I have finally found out the reason that Steve Simmons keeps writing articles about John Ferguson Jr. and how he should be fired. I wondered where Steve Simmons has the hockey intelligence to offer up this truly enriching intelligent advice from, but then I got it. I think it is because Steve has a man crush on Ferguson. I mean in the last 200 articles Steve has written, he has mentioned John Ferguson Jr in every one. Even in the summer Simmons gets in a jab at Ferguson. I think Steve is a little jettery in the knees when it comes to Ferguson. I mean Steve Simmons does bare a certain resemblance to a "Comme-ci, comme-ca" movie critic on the E network. I think I have finally cracked Simmons code.

By the way Has Steve Simmon's ever written an interesting article? Has his appearances on TSN reporters ever been good? I will never understand how anyone can view this twitching meth addict as entertaining. Oh well maybe someday Steve JFJ will give you a call and see How you are doing. Until then lay off the smack and maybe write an entertaining article that doesn't have JFJ in it.


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