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Monday, March 13, 2006

Smoking, Traffic Cops, and Leafs

Well I would like to say I am very happy that I have 2 fans. This is great!

About 2 months ago The Ontario Liberal government announced that it was raising taxes on cigarettes. The tax was $1.25 per carton. As a non-smoker this decision had no affect on me, and to be honest I could care less, that is until I heard the reason they are doing it. Apparently The Oh mighty himself Dalton McQuinty is doing it to save young people from smoking. He reasoned that by making a pack of smokes so expensive it would be tough for young people to afford it and therefore they would not start smoking. What a load of hogwash if I have ever heard it before. If Dalton would have said he was raising the price because of the cost of health care due to smoking related illnesses, I would have said "well done", but No he goes out and says he's "Saving the children" Who the hell does he think he is? Angelina Jolie, or some other bullshit activist! Let me just state that the government relies a lot on the "sin taxes" like alcohol, and smoking. I will guarantee if everyone stopped smoking the governement would go into chaos trying to find the extra money, and would end up raising other taxes. Plus why can't he guarantee that every cent of the smoking tax goes into healthcare! Because as a left wing piss ant he would hate to cut such important programs as the welfare living assitance or some housing program which are just black holes. Plus go back to when your 15, was it really tough to get cigarettes or alcohol? Please! Considering I came from Belleville near an Indian reserve, it would just take a ride out to the nearest reserve, and find the closest car on stilts, make a transaction for what was in the truck and drive off. And guess what Dalton the illegal smuggling in Indian reserves will startup again. You may recall a pack of cigarettes was $7 in 1994 until the illegal cigarette business began to thrive and then the government lowered the price to get rid of that business. Amazing how reserves can do that kind of business and always ask for handouts, but I guess thats a different subject for a different time. Dalton saying he is raising cigarettes to protect our youth is like Traffic cops saying they give out speeding tickets to protect the safety of the public........ which bring me too.

I dislike Traffic cops!!!! I believe that the job of a traffic cop is the most hypocritical job of them all. I have more respect for a bum collecting bottles on street, at least he is doing something useful. I believe a traffic cop is very much like a gay pornstar...They get paid to screw someone up the ass. I read recently that traffic cops setup blitzes so that they can protect the public's safety. Hmmm, if they were so concerned with speed why do auto makers manufacture cars that can go 220km/hr. If they are so concerned why not put governors on cars so that they can't break that speed? Why do they always setup shop at the bottom of a hill? Well let me help everyone out...It's money. They don't setup blitzes for safety, it's for money. It's a joke. Has anyone done 100 km/hr on the 401? How was it? Real safe eh? Plus let's not forget how hypocritical these assholes are. Every seen a cop turn on the cherries to make a left and then turn them off? Ever seen a cop fly by you at 160 km/hr on the 401? Or turn on the cherries, go on the shoulder during a traffic jam? Then these same people turn around and give you a ticket for 65 in a 50. It's laughable. The last ticket I got was for 65 in a 50. As the cop asked me if I knew how fast I was going I said no, he said well you were going 65 in a 50, I asked him if he ever did that and he said No, I proceeded to call him a liar and asked him to give me a ticket, You think I believe for a second that any cop hasn't done 15km/hr over the limit. BS. The look on his face was worth the ticket. And before you spill the dribble that it depends on how you treat the cop when he approaches your car, its also BS. I was very cordial on my first couple tickets and guess what, it doesn't matter, I don't have a nice set of ta-tas. My wife was pulled over for not stopping at a stop sign and turning left on a red and got off with a warning. Hmm I wonder why that was, maybe the fact she is a lot better looking then me comes to mind. And really if you follow the rule book should my initial response have any effect. So the next time you see Magiver at the bottom of a hill hiding behind a fence with a gun do what I do, give him the finger. Maybe there would be something better to do like stop real crime or grab a donut.

As for the Leafs I hear and read how everyone thinks JFJ is the cause of the Leafs doom and gloom. I disagree. Now if he doesn't fire Pat Quinn at the end of the season i woudl agree, but lets look at JFJ's situation. He was screwed over by the cap. (even though I agree with a cap unlike some midget troll who works for the Toronto Sun and looks like what would happen to one of those munchkins off the Wizard of OZ if they decided to do heroin every day. Mr Al Strachan.) He had to gut the team and sign some risks for one year deals which sets him up nicely for the FA this summer. But don't think for a second that he would have tried to buy out contracts. It's just the fact that a teachers pension fund would not pay money for nothing so he could not buyout anyone. Then the owner forces him to sigm Tie Domi (Me Idiot) who annoys me with everyday that passes. Maybe during that 1000th game pre ceremony they gave him they should have included the elbow to Scott Niedermayers face which cost them a series agianst the Devils, or maybe they could have included his numerous selfish penalties, or his brother running the cities computer upgrades, or maybe him going on the radio saying that Pierre MaQuire is a piece of crap for suggesting the players would take a salary cap (So who was right again TIE?), or you could include his favourite line about any coach, His players don't respect him....LOL Who the hell respects Tie Domi? A guy who gets a contract because some moronioc Leaf fans think he is a god. If he is a god I am motherF%^*ing Brad Pitt. The problem is the coach who seems to see something in Wade Belak, and Domi, and Khavanov, and Sundin, and Allison. I mean during Fridays game against the NYI in OT he starts with Antropov-Poni, follows up with Allison-Tucker, then finally Steen-Sundin. It's 4-4 and he starts 2 pairs who can't skate. His best forward in the game was Wellwood a kid with talent and he sits so that Allison can slow the game down while on 4-4. What a joke. Its time to play the rokkies and lose the dead wieght, but oh not the Phat one, he will still rides the veterans. Great. By the way he finally did something good on saturday and started there best goalie, and guess what they win. One goalie has as SP over 900 one doesn't, heres a suggestion start your best goalie, and let me help you out his name id not Ed "Cement" Belfour. well see what he does Tuesday.

Random thoughts.

1. Brokeback Mountain was the first movie where I had to cover my eyes, and I fail to see how it was a good movie. Let me explain the plot they go fishing every 2 weeks, and don't do much fishing per say. The wives find out, end of movie. Wow great flick, and I am not homophobic, I enjoyed Capote and Philadelphia which had gay themes however what they had that BB didn't was a plot.

2. When driving if ACDC comes on do you not automatically speed up? Hopefully a pig with a speed gun is nowhere aorund when it comes on.

3. I enjoy chocolate way too much. is there a Chocolates Anonymous?

See ya