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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Steve Simmon's Has A Man Crush

I think I have finally found out the reason that Steve Simmons keeps writing articles about John Ferguson Jr. and how he should be fired. I wondered where Steve Simmons has the hockey intelligence to offer up this truly enriching intelligent advice from, but then I got it. I think it is because Steve has a man crush on Ferguson. I mean in the last 200 articles Steve has written, he has mentioned John Ferguson Jr in every one. Even in the summer Simmons gets in a jab at Ferguson. I think Steve is a little jettery in the knees when it comes to Ferguson. I mean Steve Simmons does bare a certain resemblance to a "Comme-ci, comme-ca" movie critic on the E network. I think I have finally cracked Simmons code.

By the way Has Steve Simmon's ever written an interesting article? Has his appearances on TSN reporters ever been good? I will never understand how anyone can view this twitching meth addict as entertaining. Oh well maybe someday Steve JFJ will give you a call and see How you are doing. Until then lay off the smack and maybe write an entertaining article that doesn't have JFJ in it.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bryan "Scarecrow" McCabe at work again

I for one respect Paul Maurice as a coach. I have found since he took over from the Phat One, the Leafs have improved there team speed and overall conditioning. Rarely in the last 2 years have I seen the Leafs outworked in a game. However that being said I am really relying on Paul Maurice doing the right thing for the team and benching the NO BRAIN A-Hole they have on defence who's name is the "Scarecrow" If I only had a brain! Bryan McCabe. Is he mentally retarded or is it just me?

Anyone who has had a conversation with me in the last 5 years will know How much I hate Bryan McCabe. If there was a definition of brain-dead in the dictionary Bryan McCabe's retarded face would be the picture. Never in the history of the NHL has there been a D-man with a little talent as McCabe does have, and the absence of a thought. He is plain and simple a friggin joke.

The test will be on Maurice once Carlo C returns to the team will Paul do then right thing and bench McCabe as he is a worthless piece of shit. This will test the mettle of a coach I respect. I hope he does the right thing and send McCabe up to fetch popcorn for the real hockey players on the Leafs. Bryan was on for 5 goals of which 3 were caused by his direct brain farts. Please for the Love of everything that is holy in this utterly F'ed up world I hope Bryan Mccabe gets a condition which does not allow him to skate again so I do not have to witness his boneheaded plays anymore.

By the way Kris Newbury, and Wade Belak when you only play 5 minutes and are -2 please think the Marlies are a stones throw away