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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Three Words That Start With "C" Society Lacks

Lately I have witnessed, or paid more attention too, a lack of three things in Canadian society which for some reason I have deemed as important... Why? No Idea, but like a "Eureka" it hit me Three Words that it appears society lacks, Consistency, Competence, and most important Common Sense.

In this rant I will deal with the first two "C"'s. The Common Sense will be dealt with on another rant.

First Let's talk consistently. I am the kind of guy who values it. I like to make decisions based on cause and effect. Meaning as an example, if I buy chocolate every day, I will get fat. Let me give you a couple of examples, Why does a company like Rogers tell you they are going to come between 1pm-5pm, and well hell if you work like the majority of people YOUR Screwed. Your telling me a company like Rogers can't setup a schedule for a day where they could possibly be 4 hours behind. Give me a F'n break. So now you waste a weekend waiting for them to show up between 8am-12pm, and of course what time to they show up at 1pm. Or have you ever gone to a restaurant where the food and service were fantastic, then go back a couple of weeks later, and the food and service are crap? How about driving. I know everyone has been in this predicament. You are passing cars, in the aptly named "Passing" lane, and approach someone who is in "Passing" Lane at 100km/h surprisingly not passing anyone. As there is no one in the other lane, and heaven forbid the car in front of you changes lanes because apparently they own the "Passing" Lane, you go into the other Lane to pass and as you do this the car in the "Passing" lane speeds up and tries to nullify your attempt at passing them. As you reach speeds of 150 km/h and finally pass them after nearly creaming another car in front of you, they then slow back down, and stay in that lane. NO Consistency. And for the fellows who read my rants, how about women? I love women and my wife who may be the one of the most consistent females I have ever met, but women are not consistent. Have you ever said the same thing twice, and one time got a nice reaction, and the next day a bad one? You didn't change anything you said, but they took it the wrong way? Lack of consistency.

Now lets look at competence. I have had people come to my house to fix a stove and not bring there "tools". So why did you come???? Another time I was to pick up contacts at set hour. When I arrived they didn't have them! And I all know you could name someone at your worksite who just blows "BS" out of there ass like they know what there doing, yet they have no friggin idea what they are doing. Yet they still have a job! I mean here is another example, Why do TeleMarketers or Telephone services like Bell and Rogers hire people who can't speak any of the offical languages of this country. I mean just as a thought, wouldn't that be a prequisite? You are communicating with someone over a phone. Your only Communication is Hearing and Listening, and yet they employ Narih san Da Brab, who's only english word he/she knows is "Hello Mr. Sandison". After this point it sounds like I am on the phone with someone from Bombay who is trying to milk a goat while continuing a conversation with me. Lack of Competence to do the job. Why does this happen? I mean anyone who knows me knows I have trouble hanging a picture, so would I apply to be a mechanic because of that. NO.

I just wonder why we accept lack of competence and consistency today.

Just another rant by a moron. Get ready for my NHL rant coming soon. Just tickling your ass with a feather.