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Monday, March 28, 2005

Larry King Award winner for the week of March 21st - Barry Bonds

After declaring that Barry Bonds was going to be the Larry King Award Winner for the week of March 7th and deciding against it, instead I gave the award to baseball for two weeks, Barry came back to redeem himself. He may not make the Hall of Fame but he does win this prestigous trophy.

Why? Well it seems like Barry and his steroid infested body finally broke down this year and after three knee surgeries he held a press conference that had to be seen to be believed. It appears Barry won't be able to start the season. Boo-Hoo, so what does this jackass do? Trot out his 11 year old son, who looks like he hates his father as much as everyone else does, and blame the media for all his woes. Is this the same media who propelled you into star status by showing every homerun you hit while cheating? Is this the same media who has made you into a 20 million dollar baseball player? Barry, let me let you in on a little secret. You are a dispiscable human being, and to play yourself off as a saint is like saying Tom Green deserves an Oscar. I wonder if your son was thinking, "Heh my dad is hated by everyone in baseball including his own teamates, he has his own office in a team lockeroom, and has cheated on my momma all the time. I am so proud of him!" What makes it even more awful is the fact he is chasing Hank Aaron's homerun record. Barry says the media and fans have not be fair to him, and make his life hell. Hmmm Let's see what Hank Aaron's life was like while chasing Babe Ruth's records. Death threats everyday, racist comments every day, threats that when he hits the homerun that someone will go out on the field and kill him. That seems like it might be tough. Now lets look at Barry's ordeal. Cheats, uses steroids, bangs everyone but his wife, media won't question him on his drug use, Media show every homerun, and even applaud him. Yeah I can see the comparison.

Barry you are on roids, and cheating to break these records. Somehow this is being applauded by baseball, and the media, and you complain like your Star Jones running out of food at a buffet. Hank Aaron went threw hell. Your being protected by a disgusting game. But Barry take solace that you won the Larry King Award for the week of March 21st. Congrats!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Larry King Award Winner for March 7th and 14th The Sport Of Baseball

Well last week on Monday, I was going to deliver the award to Barry Bonds, however as I saw congress calling people to the stand I held off my post. After watching the festivities there was no question in my mind, that Baseball desrves the Larry King Trophy for two straight weeks. Congratulations.

First off let me start with my feelings on what I consider a hobby, not a sport. I know a lot of Americans, and even Canadians kick around hockey. They do it I believe for two reasons, Americans don't understand it, and Canadians love the sport. I have never understood how baseball escapes scrutiny, I mean the thing is not even a sport. Do you need to be an athlete to be in Baseball? No! I know baseball fans will talk about the need for speed, and such but that is poppycock. What does a centerfielder get? Max 5 balls hit to him in a game. WOW! And if you need to be an athlete please explain David Wells, Mike Piazza, Carlos Delgado, etc to me. I mean they are slower then Micheal Jackson trying to get to court on time. What about the physical nature of Baseball? LOL, The only time a guy gets hit is when he runs into a teamate chasing a ball. I also remember the time Al Leiter missed 2 years due to a Blister. I mean a blister for gods sake. If that ain't tough I don't know what is. Is Baseball a team game? NO. Baseball is a one on one individual competition of one person who can throw a ball fast and another who can hit a ball that is going fast, nothing more, nothing less. There is another game that is an individual competetion with 2 people who have a skill, its called billiards, and I for one don't call that a sport. If the Toronto Blue Jays for example throw out Roy Halladay and he gives up two hits, strikes out 15, and gives up 0 runs, does a Frank Catalanto help out? No! Baseball depends on individuals not teams. I also can't think of a worse hooby to watch then baseball. I mean if the thing got any more boring, I would be praying for the return of The Beachcombers! What happens Pitcher throws ball, catcher catches it, its called a strike or ball, wait 30 seconds, do again! Once in a while batter hits it, if it goes in play 2 seconds of excitement, if not in play go back to beginning. Wow earth shattering. Then the fun begins when they change the pitcher, Manager who usually is older then dirt takes 3 minutes to walk to mound, takes ball from pitcher, signals to bullpen, a man usually out of shape takes 5 minutes to walk to mound, unless John Rocker, takes ball from manager, throws 20 practice pitches which takes 10 minutes, go back to start. What an exciting game, no onder you need a full 24 pack to watch a game.

Enough of my rant on this hobby, Let's look at the economics of Baseball. Do the Kansas City Royals have a hope in hell of making the playoffs? No. Wow I wish I was a Royals fan, must be exciting to know my teams has no shot. Why do they not have a shot? Because Baseball doesn't control its teams spending. For instance I will wager a lot of dollars that either the Yankees, or Red Sox get to the World Series, Why? Because they bought there talent, they have more money. Simply put you can eliminate 20 teams before the start of the season. What other sport can you say that too? This is why I hope hockey gets there salary cap in.

Now lets look at the controversy of steroids. I will go out on a huge limb here and say Barry Bonds takes steroids. Wow no one knows that do they. But baseball and its fans still will not come out and say it. It's a joke. McGwire took steroids, so did Sosa, and Brady Anderson, Giambi admitted it, Canseco did too. Baseball and its record are built on Cheating. How does a Brady Anderson go from averaging 16 home runs a season to hitting 50? How does Barry Bbonds go from a skinny kid, to a built machine? No one in the American media will come out and say the facts. Bonds personal trainer developed Balco, a lab on trial for developiing steroids. Bonds is apparently such a health nut, and you want to tell me he had no idea what he took. I mean it is laughable, but ugh oh Bonds pulls out the race card when questioned, oh we need to back off! Barry Bonds is on juice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said even if baseball it's officials and the media won't say it. It's true. I also find it funny that baseball takes Pete Rose a gambler to task and won't put him in the Hall of Fame, but accepts and promotes using illegal drugs to break records. A sport? Yeah right.

In summation

Baseball is a boring hobby, played by cheaters, and run by criminals. If no one else will get on baseballs case I will. Baseball and all its hypocrites, come on up and accept the Larry King Trophy.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Larry King Trophy for week of Feb 28th 2005 - Rich Winter

Many will think it was a forgone conclusion that eventually I would get around to the morons of the NHLPA for a Larry King Trophy winner. I personal despise the majority of the NHL players. There leader Bob Goodenhow is a disgrace. He is the kind of guy I would throw a brick at if he was drowning. The players and Bob Goodenhow deserve this trophy week in and week out, however the winner this week is Rich Winter, a player agent.

Bob and his trolls gathered up the agents this week and had a meeting and I guess talked about next steps, which I know Goodenhow doesn't have, because what could possibly be the exit strategy for the players? After the meeting was over some agents opened there mouths (never a good thing) and said some pretty ridiculous things. At the top of the list was Rich Winter who stated;

''We're not going to lay down and kill the game just because a bunch of basketball people want their way,'' he said. ''Why are we taking directions from a bunch of basketball executives who only know how to lose millions of dollars, minimize talent and (screw up) TV deals?''

Oh I see Rich it would be better for the league to be run by "Can't hack it" lawyers who have no ability, so they brainwash players and become player agents, take 3% of there salaries and don't protect the safety of there players. That's fantastic. Go ahead Rich Winter your so brilliant let's let you make up the CBA. You then go on to pout that Bob Goodenhow is trying to protect the game of Hockey. Are you f'n kidding me? I know agents are scum of the earth but I didn't realize there brains are the size of maggots as well. If you think for a second that Bob Goodenhow is trying to protect the game of hockey, I have some land for sale in Florida I'd like you to buy! It is only about one thing RICH, you moron. It's about MONEY. Both sides, it's about money. And since the owners assume all of the risk right now they should be entitled to make money. And at an average salary of 1.3 million proposed the players would still make money. Hey Rich even with 3% you would pocket $39,000 a player. Not bad, but you want more, because heh you work so hard every 4 years foir your client. If your client had a brain he would make you give 1% or heh what a novel idea because everyone believes in free market right, get rid of agents all together. Now that's an idea.

Let me ask this Rich Winter, were you looking out for the best interests of the game when you held out Mike Comrie for a year? Or were you looking out for the best interests of the game when you decided to have Hasek sign with the Wings for 8 million then pull the "I am sick routine"? How about the Robert Svehla debacle? Or were you looking out for the best interests of the game when you bragged your clients would be set for 5 to 75 years before the lockout?. How about when you hid your client Patrik Stefan's medical records? Of course you weren't Rich, you were looking out for #1, yourself and your bank account. Hell the Hasek deal would have netted you $240,000 alone. So stop the bull crap Mr. Winter. There isn't anyone with a brain that believes your horsecrap so my advice would be to shut your trap.

And heh just for s$%$ and giggles. Lets munch on this gem of a comment made by Mr. Winters.

"Why is Gary trying to expand to Columbus and sell hockey to people who don't know what hockey is?" player agent Ritch Winter wondered in an interview with the Toronto Sun."

Well first Rich Columbus is actually a success. Second I wonder what your clients, who happen to be on the Blue Jackets feel about there agent if he says the team should be turfed? Third I know; Why don't we get rid of 10 teams in not so good markets? That will kill 200 jobs and maybe 10 of Mr. Winters clients. Brilliant I can understand why the players love you so much. Plus lets face it Rich you haven't made a profit off expansion Have you?

Anyways since Mr. Winter will not represent a replacement player, Let's hope for them in the fall, so Mr. Winter will gain no money next year. Mr. Winter put on your high class suit boots which you took of the blood and sweat of the players, and enjoy the Larry King Trophy.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Larry King Trophy winner for week of Feb 21st 2005 - Nancy Lee

Another Larry King Trophy to hand out and this week it goes to CBC Sports boss Nancy Lee who fired Chris Cuthbert this week in a surprising move. The fact that she works for taxpayers and fired Cuthbert is not why she won the trophy. It is the fact that her reasons for firing Cuthbert are so absurd it is beyond reason. I know there is such hit programming on CBC like Wind At My Back, or the gut wrenching North Of 60, but lets face it Hockey Night In Canada is the only revenue generating show on CBC.

Lets take a look at what Nancy Lee said she was going to do when she took a job totally financed by the federal government, which means she works for us. She first stated she wanted to focus in more on female amateur sports. Well I don't know about everyone else, but the thought of watching womens trampoline, or womens rowing just gets me so excited I can barely contain myself. CBC sports must know that its biggest revenue drawing show is Hockey Night In Canada. Sure when CBC doesn't blow Curling coverage like they did this year, again well done Nancy, or the CFL they will get good audiences. But the main attraction for CBC is Hockey Night In Canada, and Olympic Coverage. First Nancy takes aim at Don Cherry. Yes let's go at one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in Canada. Well the public gets angry and Don gets a contract. Then it's Ron MacLean who is again the face of HNIC. Public gets angry Ron gets a contract. Then out of the blue she fires Chris Cuthbert, the best announcer they have on CBC, because of the NHL lockout, which is just hogwash.

Cuthbert is a tremendous announcer in my opinion who also does Olympic coverage and a variety of other sports like football, and figure skating. He is best known for his work on HNIC. But Nancy claims she had to let him go to save money. Cuthbert said he would have agreed to go on a sabatical until hockey started which would have cost CBC NO money. So what is the real reason Nancy? Was it personal? I think so, and what kind of boss makes decisions for personal reasons? A dumb and hopefully soon to be axed one? If you wanted to save money because of the NHL lockout, Why not Bob Cole? All he does is hockey, and I bet he makes the same amount. Since Nancy Lee has taken over CBC sports it has gone down the drain. Losing Olympics, blowing Curling, going to war with ever HNIC personality for contracts is a good way to get yourself the Larry king Trophy. Enjoy it Nancy, you feminist CBC Sports albatross bitch.