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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Irwin Cotler Again

Man I got to tell you I really despise the former justice minister as you might know from some of my earlier rants. This guy put the "Left" in left wing. I will personally tell you that the Conservatives did not go far enough in tax breaks in my opinion. I believe in less government in general. I am very pleased the Conservative scrapped the Aboriginal Black Hole deal, and the universal "I know what's best for your kid" garbage which was basically giving the provinces a chunk of money and saying Heh there's Daycare. Let's also get past the fact the Liberals had 13 years to do it and now bitch. I believe people should not be told how to spend there money. Anyways the Conservatives also promised to get tough on crime with minimum sentences, which in the short term would mean more of the "Bad guys" in jail where they belong. Well Irwin the Idiot doesn't agree and argues with this piece of diarhea of the mouth.

He spoke of meeting in Regina with former gang members who were mowing lawns and painting houses they once vandalized or used as crack dens.

"They said it's because we've got jobs, we've got training, we've got apprenticeships, we have basketball leagues at midnight," Cotler said.

"In Saskatchewan they built a soccer field so they've now got 10,000 young kids playing soccer.

"I think the Conservative government ought to build more soccer fields rather than building prisons."

LOL More soccer fields are the key then to stop crime. Wow silly me, I can't believe it is that simple. Now Toronto Mayor David Miller believes it's more basketball courts, but heh thats simatics. So I will suggest to everyone go to Canadian Tire or whatever store sells soccer, and basketball nets. Put two soccer nets on either side of your lawn and a basketball net in your laneway. Put a couple of balls out there, and I assure you that will stop someone robbing your home or vandalizing it. Screw an alarm system all it takes is a ball and a net and crime is wiped of the planet eh Irwin. Your a goddamn moron.

The real reason there is more crime is due to
A) Lax immigration laws, that allow someone from a country as an example Jamacia to file bogus refugee claims, and then bring the whole family with them.
B) Allowing people with no maturity level whatsoever to crap out kids at a staggering pace when they don't have the means or the will to take care of them, but boy do they like the extra money from the government though.
C) A society that tries to prop up and support all kinds of rejects who make bad decisions and are not punished but rewarded for making them.

In my world, which is not a sane one, I would reduce taxes and the only social programs I would keep are health care (although I would allow privatization in specialized health care) and I would make it free for universities, trade schools, colleges etc. However no welfare, subsidized housing etc. If you can't go to a free school and make something or get a job, too bad, so sad.

P.S I would also look after disabled persons, I mean I'm not that bad of a guy eh!