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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Toronto Maple Leafs Situation

In a word the Leafs organization is broke. Hear is what I think the organization should due from easiest to toughest.

1. If Andrew Raycroft is not put on waivers the minute he lands at Pearson Airport it is safe to say this organization is the worst in the history of the NHL. Raycroft hasn't stopped a puck in 2 years. He can't move in the net and has shown that he is not an NHL calibre goalie. He needs to be bought out. Everyone says he is a nice guy, Who f'n Cares. He can't stop a puck.

2. I think the blueprint for How to rebuild is just down the halls of the ACC at the Raptors office. The next step would be to fire JFJ and put someone with a lot of credibility and experience in an Interm role. My suggestion would be Cliff Fletcher. The Raptors fired Rob Babcock and put Wayne Embry into an interm role with a mandate to move as many long term contracts as possible to free up space for the new GM. I think Cliff Fletcher could do this. Move Sundin, and get picks. Get rid of as many long term contracts (like McCabe, Kubina, Tucker etc.) as possible. With so many teams in contention you might be able to unload some of these contracts to teams desperate enough. The new GM who steps in should be able to start at ground zero if possible and not be hobbled by contracts. MLSE must also understand rebuilding isn't a year long process it may take more.

3. Any young players who are in there organization who have not improved or are not NHL players, like Matt Stajan and Alex Steen should also be moved. Look when Matt Stajan is a useful player, which will be soon in the rec league he will be playing in. Alex Steen has talent just no desire. If young guys don't look like they will fill the bill move them when they are young instead of waiting and hoping they will grow a set of balls.

4. Hire new GM right at end of season. I don't care who the new GM is, he must be in place before the off-season begins, maybe possibly bring him in before the end of season. MLSE if they truly care about winning won't be counting pennies, bring in a new GM who then makes a decision with what to do with coach, which brings me too.

5. Fire Richard "Tricky Dick" Peddie. Look there are a number of reasons to fire this man. He simply has no brain in his head, and Let me explain. Any person in a leadership role like Peddie is in knows in management 101 if you are asked to comment on an employees performance the answer is either positive or "No comment", not "I made a mistake". Talking to the media; shows what an ingrate he is. Does he think he is a "Rock Star"? He has no class no sensibility and more then likely has an ego which does not match his performance. He goes on about how he makes money for MLSE. Wow Richard tough to do. Put a Leaf symbol on anything and anyone can sell it. Don't be proud of that?
I will leave these statements of Richard Peddie to show what a hypocrite he is.

First He states any GM he has had has the autonomy to make any and all Hockey decisons. Last week when asked about Mats Sundin being traded Peddie states That will have to be brought up to the Board? What kind of doublespeak is this, and when will MLSE do the right thing and fire this joke who's claim to fame is he designed the Frito-Lay Chip bag?

This is my five cents and in my opinion unless all 5 things are done above, I do not see How the Leafs will get any better. Maybe not showing up to the Leafs games will help too.