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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Take On Michael Vick

I know I haven't posted in a while, however this Michael Vick case has intrigued me enough for me to provide a rant.

First off Michael Vick is not a smart person. Firstly he takes part in a gambling scheme. We all know how the NFL pretends like gambling is a bad thing (while meanwhile who isn't in an office pool), so thats a bad start. Second he participates in the killing of dogs. The only thing the NFL allows you to kill or hurt is a human being (see Ray Lewis, Pacman Jones and then the many folks who play NFL who have beaten there wives and still play) Strike 2. The strike which I don't understand is; he allows this dogfighting on his own premises. This is not defensible to be that stupid. So for Strike Three I absolutely agree he should face jail time. However how hypocritical is it that people have talked about the NFL banning him for life.

What Michael Vick needed was what Barry Bonds has for friends. Hell Barry just broke a homerun record while his former trainer sits in jail for contempt of court for not ratting him out. The minute the cops showed up at Vick's residence his friends rolled over quicker then a dog getting its belly rubbed. Vick should be banned from the NFL for the same amount of time that Pacman Jones who's bodyguard happened to gun down a bouncer at a strip club, or maybe the same amount as Jamal Lewis who was involved in a cross state drug ring. Correct me if I am wrong but how many games did Lewis and Jones get ....what 8. How about Leonard Little who killed a mother while drinking and driving, and after this gets arrested for DUI again. They get to play in the NFL again. Now Vick will be banned from life for killing dogs? Why cause PETA is mad. What life is more valuable a dogs, or a humans? I guess the NFL believes a dog's. Good for them, I guess I disagree. By the way is OJ in the Football Hall of Fame? He only killed 2 humans, not worth banning him or kicking him out is it?

I am in no way condoning Vick's actions. He deserves the punishment he gets from the legal system. However the NFL treatment of Vick has been absurd. The next time Ray Lewis does his phony dance remember he was involved in 2 people's deaths. Or maybe the next time OJ says he is going to find the killer he is in the Hall Of Fame. Maybe one more DUI for Leonard Little and he might get suspended.

On another point where the hell is the Players Union in this?


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