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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Liberals version of change and other random thoughts

It's fantastic to see the Liberals (the self-called "Party Of Canada") have really stepped out on the ledge and definately changed their tune in selecting there new leader Stephane Dion. I mean have they ever had an old fart from Quebec who has trouble speaking English as their leader before? Let me see for the last what 30 years (minus John Turner, who the "little guy" from Shawinagan Jean Chretien screwed) the Leader of the Liberal party has been an old out of step guy from Quebec. Congrats, way to shake the foundations with this change. That stench of corruption in Quebec is supposedly gone right? LOL.

I wonder how the hussies who wrote the "Pink Book" (how original) Belinda Stronach, Judy Sgro, etc. are dealing with this new leader. As these jokes have decided to say the Conservatives would like to see women "Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen" with there policies, how many women passed the 1st ballot ladies? LOL. By the way on the subject of the Pink Book, the ladies think that the elimination of the National Day Care system and giving women a choice means they will decide the barefoot and pregnant route. Good to see these ladies have such faith in Canadian women. They have done more damage then good by publishing the 14 pages of policy. (at what cost and time and all they came up with is 14 pages, maybe some slipped into Liberal friendly ad agencies, oops wrong subject). I think these ladies should get back to what there good at. Belinda go see how the Albanian Assasin is doing. Judy Sgro, get back to taking payouts to get Romanian strippers citizenship, like when you were the immigration minister.

A couple other things

Some ombudsmen thinks that prisoners deserve a raise in performing tasks in jail. Hmmm at $110,000 a year in cost to the taxpayers to keep these people who broke the law in jail, I think they are getting paid a pretty good salary myself. When left-wing pissants come up with ideas like this they should be fired on the spot.

Is hockey getting ridiculous in calls. I think the quality of officials is getting out of control. One game about 2 weeks ago saw some of the worst officiating I have seen. And from that point I have not seen a well refed game. Not good.