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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Coalition Goverment

Who would have thought 2 weeks ago that the word coalition would be one of the most popular words in Canada right now? I don't even know how I can sum up my feelings about this Liberals/NDP/Bloc coalition properly. Here are my thoughts.

1. Stephen Harper in October was "ELECTED" (key word in a democracy) to be the leader of a minority government. Even though I am a right winger I have to say that Harper has failed, and tried like a dummy a long time ago named Joe Clark to run it like a majority. He proposed a stoppage of public funding on votes, without a majority. I don't understand how Harper miscalculated the greed of the Lefties. Did he think for a second that the Liberals/NDP would accept this? These are 2 parties that thrive on stealing money from the public in taxes. $2 a vote you were taking from them. No A Damn way as Dion would put it. I absolutely agree that there should be no public funding of any parties, and forget the fact that the Conservartives from the last election would have given up the most, you can only get this passed in a majority not a minority. Simply put Harper made a mistake. On another note all lefties seem to appreciate Barrack Obama, and I must admit I do too. Just one question...Did he use any public funding to create one of the greatest campaigns ever? No he did it the logical way, he did it from grass roots level, Dollar by dollar which was given to him by free will, not mandated.

2. I know that Jack Layton is dumb, but even I miscalculated on how stupid this man is. Let's work on the questions he might receive that will embarass him and his party, which will make them go back on there positions they went to the poll with...First question Jack Did you not propose a bill that would bring our soldiers home from Afghanistan? OK now your in power let's get it done...Uh-Oh what's this you say your coalition does not agree? Second question Jack did you not propose an end to the tax cuts for big business? Ok now your in power get it done....Uh-Oh the Liberals don't agree.....etc., etc. Let's see in the next debate... How would you go about differentating your party from the Liberals? I remember in the debate how Jack said the Liberals lied in there Red Book. So let me get this right.... now they don't lie???. I remember how Jack was so upset about the cuts to art funding. Let's see how quickly that will get restored if Smiling Jack gets his cabinet position... Jack you have basically doomed the NDP's good on you sir.

3. Our potential new Prime Minister goes on TV to respond to Harper. He looks disheveled, and has all the charm of a driving instructor. As he was talking I noticed a book behind him called "Hot Air". I mean How could you even make that up? All Canadians make fun of George Bush and his many words of wisdom, but for heavens sake I don't think George Bush would allow for a sign of Hot Air behind him when he talks. This is our potential PM who will lead us through the economic crisis. Wow if he takes over I must say I will be relieved.

4. In May the Fiberals will elect a new leader who with this coalition would be PM for a year without ever being elected. Does this make sense?

Anyways saw the collection of people at the rally to support the coalition in Ottawa, all 2000 of the finest looking Canadians we can find. Wonder if any of them understand that they are all doing this for $2 a vote cash grab?